52 Week Saving Challenge

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Take the 52 Week Saving Challenge!

What is the 52 Week Saving Challenge?     
This was a popular idea from last year! Do you think you can do this and save $1,378 by this time next year?
Have you tried something like this in the past? I would love to see your suggestions over on the More with Less Today Facebook wall!
     The first week of 2015, you save $1. The second week, you save $2. The third week you save $3. Do this for all 52 weeks in 2015. At the end of 2015, you will have saved $1,378 plus an interest you may earn if you chose to put this in an interest bearing savings account.
     You can play with this a little and save the most at the beginning of the year and do this in reverse order. Often saving money at the end of the year can be a little harder.
     If you can get your kids on board, you can save together for a family goal like a trip and make a memory. I will be sharing tips on how to save money as a family throughout the year.
     My reader Alana likes to put her savings in a jar where she can see it. I like to move it with a click from my checking account to my savings account online. Do you have any money saving tips or strategies that work? I would love to share them!
     End 2015 with an extra $1,378!
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