Bed, Bath & Beyond Accepts Expired Coupons

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Did you know that Bed, Bath & Beyond cheerfully accepts expired coupons? I used two of them today and they were REALLY expired, they were about 6 months old.

One of my readers told me about their policy and I thought I would test it out when I bought some curtains on clearance today.They took them both and said they accept their expired coupons, so save them and use them. They accept the printed ones that you get in the mail (the big blue ones) that have expired but NOT the email coupons if they are expired.

I could not find this information on the company website, so this may be a store by store policy and not a corporate policy. I checked with two additional Bed, Bath & Beyond stores in my area and they also accept the expired coupons. Call ahead and check with your local store, (don’t forget to write down the name of the person you spoke with!)

The person that I spoke with  at Bed, Bath & Beyond  told me that they are sending out more coupons via email these days, and not as many are being sent out by mail, so if you want to sign up, HERE is the link.

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