Bed, Bath & Beyond Has a Great Coupon Policy

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Bed, Bath & Beyond has a great coupon policy! Here is a picture of my Bed Bath & Beyond coupon stash.

Did you know all the ways you can use coupons and save at Bed, Bath & Beyond? From expired coupons to price adjustments, they have a great coupon policy.



Here are 3 reasons why I love Bed, Bath & Beyond. When I see a great coupon policy, I get excited. I know, I am a little strange, BUT…

Did you know that Bed, Bath & Beyond  accepts expired coupons? I used one recently and it was about 3 months old. They also let me combine the expired coupon with another Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon (not expired) that I had on the same transaction. Plus they are so nice about using those expired coupons. They don’t announce “hey lady, these coupons are from 2012!” They cheerfully take them!

And then I learned this from one of my smart readers!!

My reader Linda wrote – “Hi – I think you can also use up to four BB&B coupons in one transaction.”

If that isn’t exciting enough, the cashier told me that the next time I come in, if I bring in another 20% off coupon plus my receipt for yesterday’s purchase that she would do a price adjustment for me. I will pocket about $14.00.

And there is no time limit to bring back your receipt along with a coupon and have the price adjusted. Now, aren’t you excited too?

So save all of your Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons that you get in the mail and those you see in magazines and Sunday coupon supplements,  but NOT the email coupons if they have expired. The email coupons will not be accepted once expired.

I could not find this information on the company website, so this may be a store by store policy and not a corporate policy. I checked with two additional Bed, Bath & Beyond stores in my area and they also accept the expired coupons. Call ahead and check with your local store, (don’t forget to write down the name of the person you spoke with!)

** There are rumors that Bed, Bath and Beyond may be rethinking their coupon policy due to lower profits, but nothing official has been announced. If you have a folder full of expired Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons (like me), you may want to start to use them in case they discontinue their great coupon policy!

If you want to know their policy for price matching and manufacturer’s coupons, HERE is the information.

My Bed Bath and Beyond saving tips were featured in Good Housekeeping.


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Did you know all the ways you can use coupons and save at Bed, Bath & Beyond? From expired coupons to price adjustments, they have a great coupon policy.


hello i was wondering if you knew if bed bath and beyond took manufacture coupons as well.. I found a BOGO coupon for soda stream bottles and was wondering if they would take the BOGO free coupon plus the 20% off. I cant find anything on the internet!! thank you!!


hi Caitlin- I found this info from BB&B and it states that yes they take manu coupons but they cannot be combined. Take a look here: I hope this helps! All my best, Lori


Hi, just adding my 2 cents.. I’ve used many more than 4 (expired or unexpired) in a transaction at once! Like you said, just the emailed ones can’t be expired.

Joyce Granville

Hello: I love Bed, Bath & Beyond and I used expired and non expired coupons all the time up here in the bay area. My friend tried to use an expired coupon in southern California and they would not let her use it. Does anyone know the policy and which cities and states don’t use expired Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons? Thanks JG in the SF Bay Area


I live in Southern California too and have used expired coupons recently in two different stores. I hope they are not changing their policy! I’m going to make a point to try again and see if anything has changed. I’ll update the post if I need to. I hope this was an isolated case.

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