Best iPad Keyboard and Carrying Case

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March 2011 update- still LOVE my keyboard and the price has dropped to $59.49.

I found a great keyboard and case for my new iPad for only $65.93. I took my iPad to the Apple Store today and customers AND employees were going crazy over the keyboard and case.

It will turn your iPad into a portable computer. I knew I wanted an iPad, but also knew that I would not be able to get much work done using the touchscreen. Now I feel like I have the benefit of all the iPad has to offer along with the ability to type as I would on a keyboard.

Plus the product protects the iPad and serves as a stand to prop it up. It is lighweight, comes in a nice looking faux black leather and is well built.

I was very impressed with how easy it was to set up the Bluetooth keyboard,  charge it, and use it right away. The one I purchased is from Kensington.

I know there are other keyboards and cases available, Brookstone makes one that sells for $99.99, but I think you will be happy with this Kensington portable iPad keyboard plus carrying case for $65.93. In most states, you will pay no sales tax, so factor that in too!

iPad Keyboard & Case is sold through at Sign up for a free Amazon Mom account and get  it shipped for free, and it will arrive in  in 2 days! Amazon Mom sign up – designed for diaper savings but available to anyone.

Here is the page on to find the keyboard and carrying case:
iPad Keyboard & Case

Here is a picture of my iPad and keyboard. I took the picture with my cellphone camera and the quality of the picture isn’t great, but you can see how convenient it is to have the iPad sit in the keyboard and have the built in stand.

Be sure and read the customer reviews too! The keys feel a little squishy to the touch, but other than that, it feels and works just like a regular keyboard. I see no need to ever remove the iPad from the case and attached keyboard. I love this iPad keyboard with the built in stand and think that you will too!

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