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What is Cloud Computing?

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Do you know what “cloud computing” is?  I really didn’t until I read the newsletter from MWLT’s web guy Joel Williams. His article is very interesting; it put a name to something I was already using and didn’t know it. Oh BTW, he’s also a cracker jack webmaster in addition to being a good writer.

What is Cloud Computing?

By Joel • Check him out at

Spend any time online these days, and it’s likely you will come across a rather fluffy term which conjures up images of blue skies and drifting white vistas. Welcome to the world of Cloud Computing, which is a rather sweet name for a highly useful piece of technology.

Cloud Computing, for the uninitiated among us, is the term used to describe an online network of computers that are there to offer you resources. The power of the network can be harnessed to bring you benefits in software functionality, computational support, or storage capabilities. In fact, although you might not have been aware of it, if you regularly use Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo!, your email data is already stored online using a Cloud Computing system.  Your email data is stored online so your inbox is freed up and you don’t use up as much memory on your computer.

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