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Do It Yourself Pest Control can save your up to 70% off a commercial pest control service. I have spent money on inferior pest control products from the home improvement store or grocery store. Do It Yourself Pest Control offers professional supplies for both residential and commercial customers. Eradicating pests is a job that you definitely want to do right the first time.

Do It Yourself Pest Control has a useful website that will help you to identify the exact pests you are dealing with. There are several solutions to most problems including green products.

They offer free shipping for orders over $25.00, fast delivery (1-3 business days) and a “best price guarantee”. Their toll free number is (800) 476-3368

I have used these products when I had a pantry-moth infestation in my kitchen recently.TheirĀ  customer service was excellent. I purchasedĀ  a moth control kit with 3 types of moth traps (7 items total) for less than $20.00. The traps solved my problem and I have a few left over. A tip-if you see moths flying around the cereal aisle of your grocery store, do NOT buy anything. I hate to tell you how much food I had to throw out. The moths had their way while I was on vacation.

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