Do Not Call Registry for Cell Phones and Home Phones

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If you get an email telling you to register your cell phone number on the “DO NOT CALL REGISTRY”, do not worry. According to the Federal Trade Commission Web Site,  these cell phone numbers will not be released to telemarketers. This is an urban legend that has been circulating since 2005 – see the date on the FTC Website .

HERE is a website called where you can check out urban legends, myths, rumors and misinformation. Look at the “Top 25 Legends” and you will see the telemarketers and cell phones as the #1 item today.

However, you can register your home phone and your cell phone at the National Do Not Call Registry any time. There is no time deadline. It is fully automated and only takes about 30 seconds to register any phone number. Once you register your number it takes 31 days to take effect.

HERE is the number for the National DO NOT CALL REGISTRY:  1- 888-382-1222. 

 If you want to have your cell phone number blocked, you must call from your cell phone. If you want to have your home number blocked, you must call from your home number. If you want to block all the phone numbers that you pay for, don’t forget the kids phones.

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True Story from me- I recently set up a Pay-Pal account for the first time. About a week later, I got a very official looking email from “Pay-Pal” stating that due to frequent log-ins from multiple computers for my new account, I needed to download a form and re-verify my information for my security. You guessed it, it was fraudulent . I called Pay-Pal and they said this was very common.

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