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For an overnight letter sent from NY to LA, delivered in the afternoon, compare these prices:

USPS – $19.95

FedEx – $37.40

UPS – $37.57

For a 5 lb box sent overnight:

USPS – $ 40.00

FedEx – $82.89

UPS $ 83.26

Thanks to Money Talk News for this info!

Find the Cheapest Way to Ship a Package – just type in the details and SAVE!

Try  to compare the shipping costs at  the US Post Office, FedEx, UPS or DHL. Simply type in your zip code,  the recipients zip code, the weight and get a quick price comparison chart.

The ShipGooder Difference

  • ShipGooder is the EASIEST to use – simply enter two zip codes and your package weight.
  • ShipGooder is the FASTEST – our Rapid Rate Server technology provides rates instantly.
  • ShipGooder is COMPLETE – we provide rates for all of the major courier companies, and rates from regional and local couriers.
  • ShipGooder respects your PRIVACY – no account registration or personal information is needed.
  • ShipGooder is FREE – did we mention that it’s FREE yet?

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