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For  home repairs of small appliances or common household repairs, visit the Fix-it Club, a FREE “how to” site before you throw out the old item, buy a new one, or call a repairman.  The Fix It Club website has step by step instructions for home repairs and for repairing most small appliances. The Fix-It Club also has a parts and components category which will help you to identify and find replacement parts

Here is a partial list of the over 175 FREE  Home Repair guides:

Toilet repair-Roof repair- Refrigerator repair-Microwave Oven repair-Icemaker repair-Garage Door Opener repair-Swimming Pool repair-Gas Grill repair-Garbage Disposal repair

Fuse replacement-Microwave Oven repair-Riding Lawn Mower repair-Security System repair-Food Mixer repair-Sewing Machine repair

Home repairs can be a budget buster. Give this site a try but pay attention to the cautions and safety tips. Please repair carefully! I don’t want to lose any of my readers….


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