How Much Should I Pay for Rent?

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If you are wondering how much you should pay for rent in your area, or if you are a landlord and want to keep your rent competitive, search Rent-o-Meter  to find local comps.

Just type in your zip code, the size of your rental (or future rental) and how much you are paying (willing to pay) and Rent-o-Meter will check the local prices for you and also provide you with a Google map pointing out other rental properties in your area.

This is a great tool for college students and parents to analyze rental prices near their university. You can also use this site to advertise your rental.

Solutions for saving money, that’s what  More With Less Today is all about. Financial experts tell us to cut our expenses, this site shows you numerous ways to do just that.

The site features practical ways to trim expenses, save money, stretch our resources and to give back from our surplus. It is much more than a “coupon site”, the categories have over 300 ideas that you can access anytime.

The category “Todays Hot Deals” is where you will find the best deals on the web today such as free printable coupons, Amazon 50% off markdowns, restaurant freebies and retail codes.

*Do Something Good *

Our churches, charities, food banks and the neighbors down the street need help.  With a small investment of time and a few mouse clicks, you can give back from the money you can save here. There are so many ideas on this site where you can get items for free or practically free. You can donate the ones that your family doesn’t need.

Share the secret that my Mom taught me, “giving blesses the giver.”

Do you have a favorite charity or cause that you would like to share with other readers of  More With Less Today? Send me an email at

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