How to Share Your Amazon Prime Membership with Amazon Household

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If you want to learn how to share your Amazon Prime membership, set it up using Amazon Household.Here are the easy steps to get it set up today.

Amazon changed the rules on how to share your Amazon Prime membership with coworkers and family as of 7/31/15. In the past, you were able to share your Prime Membership with up to 4 people.

We did find a new way to share your Amazon Prime membership with one other adult and four children with Amazon Households. This adult doesn’t have to live with you, but both adults need to be present to set up the account and verify their accounts to create a household. Both adults have to agree to share their credit/debit card information so the account needs to be set up with someone you trust. If you have that type of relationship with a friend or coworker, you can set up an account together.

You also get access to the Kindle owner’s lending library, Amazon’s video streaming service and early access to Amazon Prime sales.

From the Amazon Household website:

“Free trial or paid Amazon Prime members can share certain Amazon Prime benefits with one other adult by forming an Amazon Household.”



If you are interested in a free trial, here is where you would sign up.

My Amazon Prime membership has me spoiled. I love getting my items in two days without paying extra for shipping. Plus I can score Amazon deep discounts and deals without paying for shipping which often cancels out most deals.  

Share Amazon Prime and save!


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