Negotiate a Better Rate for Your Cable, Internet & Phone Services!

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Negotiate a Better Rate for Your Cable, Internet & Phone Service! You can save a ton!


This free site gives you insider information based upon your location. Take a look and see what others are paying in your neighborhood for their cable, internet and phone service.

Don’t be one of the more than 90% of Americans are overpaying each month for their phone, cable, Internet, electricity, natural gas, and more.

Get the knowledge you need to negotiate a better price with your provider, or switch to get a better deal.

WhiteFence is a terrific FREE service where you can easily compare prices from all the cable and satellite TV providers in your area by price and features. Do you want cable, satellite, FiOS or U-verse?  Do you want to include a DVR? Are there any specials or promotions right now if you are trying to lower your bills?

Simply type in your address and zip code and you will see a comparison chart for the providers in your area. You can then select the type of service you are interested in such as “unlimited local calling” or a particular cable TV package and you will see the price, initial charges, set up fees and any specials.

Give it a try just to see the competitive prices in your area. There is no obligation to sign up or sign anything. You can use the information to contact your local provider and negotiate a lower rate instead of switching.

WhiteFence will show you the best packages available and they work with the following providers:

Comcast   Time Warner Cable   Direct TV   TV Max

Dish Network   Cox   AT&T   Grande   RCN   Optimum

Bright House   Charter Communications   Knology

Buckeye Cable System   Eversest   Insight   Sudden Link  

You can also research competitive pricing in your area for home security systems, Natural Gas providers, moving companies, and more.

Stop Paying Too Much Each Month! Give Whitefence a try.

It is a More with Less Today favorite site to help to cut down on your bills and keep more money in your pocket!

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