Planning Meals for the Busy Back-to-School Season

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Back-to-school time is even busier for us than the normal routine.  There are so many school open houses, sports sign up meeting and practices, band information meetings, and so much more to keep track of.

Those meetings aren’t always at the most convenient times and we are often eating dinner on the run several nights a week.  It’s important to me that even when things are hectic we eat a home cooked meal together as a family.  To help make it easier I use several printables to keep myself organized and to keep a home cooked meal ready for us every night.  Planning meals for the busy back-to-school season can make life so much easier.

Planning Meals for the Busy Back-to-School Season - More With Less Today - Make Meal Planning Healthy Meals Easier During the Back-to-School Rush

Planning Meals for the Busy Back-to-School

Planning meals not only helps me with keeping things organized and good food ready for my family it also makes saving money and sticking to a grocery budget easier too.

We keep a running list of what’s in the pantry, what’s in the freezer, and what we need to get from the store.  Knowing what we have on hand means we aren’t buying more of anything than we need and food items aren’t being pushed to the back of the pantry or bottom of the freezer and going to waste.

Meal Planning for Back-to-School

pantry inventory

Meal Planning for Back-to-School

I also sit down weekly and make a meal plan for the following week, sometimes several weeks.  Looking at the sale ads, coupons, and apps for saving money on groceries I decide which meals I want to purchase supplies for ahead of time.  This keeps me from making last-minute trips to the store, grabbing items on impulse, and spending too much money.  It also helps me look ahead several days and know what to pull from the freezer if necessary and what prep work I can do ahead of time so I can make meal time prep short and sweet!

Meal Planning for Back-to-School

Once I have my weeks planned out, I add them to my monthly meal plan so I can keep track of what’s coming up and compare it to what is on my shopping list and inventory lists.  It really does help keep everything in check, including our spending!


The shopping list, inventory lists, weekly meal plan and monthly plan are all free for you to print.  Simply right-click on each and select the print option.  These printables make planning meals for the busy back-to-school season so much easier for me.

What do you do to make meal planning easier this time of year?






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