Pre-paid Cellphone Plans Using your Old Cellphone

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Here is a money-saving tip for cellphone use:

You can reuse an old cellphone by contacted the carrier where you bought it from and asking them to give you a new SIM card for a pre-paid plan. The card varies by carrier but typically ranges from $6 to $20. You will also get a new phone number for the old phone.

This is a great way to re-purpose an old cellphone and use it as a starter phone for a child or even elderly parent who would only use the phone for emergencies. Pre-paid cellphone plans can be a money-saving tip. Do the math for all of your cellphones, to see if a pre-paid plan makes sense.

To sell or donate an old cellphone, read my article HERE.  There are 5 sites that will buy your old phones and electronics.

HERE  is a link to my story about the new Walmart pre-paid phone plans (there are 2.)

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