Resources and Help for the Unemployed

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From lowering your food costs, free medical and dental care, and work from home jobs, I have written many blog posts to help those who struggling with unemployment and under-employment. Today, I have combined them into one resource to use and to share with others who may benefit.

1. Find a part time job or a work from home job Many legitimate work from home sites are listed with contact information.

2. Kmart has a program called Smart Assist which will give you an additional 20% discount for 1500 grocery and drug store purchases for up to 6 months if you are unemployed. You will need to show your state issued ID or unemployment paperwork to register.

3. Free Food Items and Free Samples – I use these sites to request free products and samples. Click here to see the free items that were avalable to me today.

4. Free Printable Grocery Coupons – Check these sites for more grocery coupons which you can select, view, and print for free.

5. connects uninsured kids to health care insurance coverage through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). You can click on their map to get state-specific information about Medicaid and CHIP programs in your state.

6. To find dentists in your state who participate in State Children’s Health Insurance Programs (SCHIP) and Medicaid, visit the Insure Kids Now Web site or call the Insure Kids Now hotline at 1-877-KIDS NOW.

If you are an adult seeking free or low/cost dental care, click HERE to locate a (medical and/or) dental health center near you. This website is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. You can search by address, city, state or zip code to find a conveniently located center.

7. If you have a child age 6 months to one year, you can have a free eye exam, with no income requirements. InfantSEE is a free program sponsored by the American Optometric Association in partnership with the Vision Care Institute of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. At about age 6 months, the optometrist will test your baby for visual acuity, excessive amounts of nearsightedness or farsightedness or astigmatism, evaluate their eye alignment and examine the health of your baby’s eyes.

8. Coupons for Prescription Drugs – Two sites to check for coupons that the pharmacies will accept.

9. Get Rebates on Drugstore Purchases– get a check back for purchases on many common drugstore items like Depends, Ensure, Glucerna, Polident, and even diapers.

Solutions for saving money, that’s what  More With Less Today is all about. Financial experts tell us to cut our expenses, this site shows you hundreds of ways to do just that.

The site features practical ways to trim expenses, save money, stretch our resources and to give back from our surplus. I hope you will become a frequent visitor and share the resources with your friends, because we need to help each other.

  • Kathie Banks

    Publix Supermarkets (based in Florida with stores there, in Georgia and South Carolina) has a list of FREE prescription drugs including Metformin for diabetes and several antibiotics.

  • Sue

    Great, useful information here! I can tell you that I have used Angel Food ministries and it is GREAT! I ordered one for my son (who is living away from home and “struggling”) and ordered one for myself at the same time so I could share the same experience and understand what he would get. It is correct, ANYone can do this, there is no requirement or even mention or how much you make or don’t make. I ordered ahead of time online. When I arrived, they offered me iced water and donuts, next month’s menu (and the opportunity to order for next month on the spot if I wanted). Then they gave me a card indicating what I had bought. I went into a big room where they had long tables set up, and the volunteers loaded up my bags with lots of wonderful groceries (you can see each month’s menu on the website). I also bought the meat special for the month (a dozen LARGE hamburgers, four “flavors”) which came prepackaged. They walked me out to the car (yes, I had that much to carry!) and I had a nice chat with the “checkout” woman (who logged that I had received my food). My family has enjoyed every bit of what we’ve made, and I can honestly say – in addition to be a frugal way to feed your family – it sure made life easy as I had all of the pieces ready to go to plan out dinners! I heartily recommend them. My son had an equally positive experience. In addition to Angel Food, I also ordered food for him from (California and Arizona, I think) – same exact setup, etc. – but my son reported that more of this was “ready to heat” food (which at 19, he really appreciated).

    Try one of them out…you won’t be disappointed!

  • Sue

    One other good tip to try! You want to look your best when job hunting. Check the yellow pages or online for a hair styling school in your area. Many of them offer services (cuts, color, perms, styling, etc.) at deep discounts or even free of charge, as a way for their students to practice. Work is done under the watchful eye of the teacher, so it’s really like having 2 stylists instead of one. Someone I know routinely does this and pays $15.00 for a cut, color and blow dry (and this in the Northeast Corridor where I pay $65 and it’s considered a bargain!).

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