Safe Shopping

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Safe Shopping

Guest Post

Over the last few years I have recently started to do more and more of my shopping online. It is actually kind of addicting which is dangerous, but it is just so convenient. Late at night when I can’t sleep, I always seem to find myself on my favorite sites flipping through the inventory. As a bargain shopper, you obviously cannot beat shopping online because all of the information on competitor’s pricing is literally right at your finger tips. I never check out until I have thoroughly scoured the Internet for better deals and of course applicable coupon codes. Even with all of these perks I still have this nagging worry about using my credit cards to make purchases online. I don’t completely understand what makes its safe against hackers who might want to steal your information. I mean, you hear all these horror stories about people who get their identities stolen and suddenly there credit is in ruins, in the worst cases they owe a ton of money that they never actually made the charges for, and a whole slew of other issues and headaches along the way. Something about everytime I type in all of my personal info, the card number, expiration date, and then god forbid, the security code and hit that send button I am overcome with a mild sense of doom. Where did I just send that information off to? Who else can see it? I know I should probably just do some more research into how all these firewalls and security measures work, but there is part of me that is worried that if I do I might be even more worried! I would imagine that it is fine for the most part, when you look at the success of sites like amazon there are obviously millions of people who trust in the system enough to do it all the time (not that that necessarily means anything…) but I am just a somewhat nervous person. I mean even the credit card companies themselves encourage shopping online by offering incentives to earn extra points when buying off of certain websites. So far I have just taken care to only order from reputable sites and watch the accounts that I do have closely. Even though its a something I tend to worry about, I am definitely not ready to give up the ease and frugality of online buying.

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