Save Money on Dining

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Right now you can go out for a casual meal worth $10.00 and spend 80 cents. A meal that costs $25.00 will cost you $2.00. If you haven’t looked into , check the site to view the restaurants in your area.

Many neighborhood restaurants participate in to build their business. You may discover a new favorite restaurant close to home and they are great if you are traveling and will be eating out in restaurants often.

Here are a few tips:

Some of the restaurants have restrictions as to the day(s) of the week that these can be used.

Some restaurants specify a minimum food purchase and some add in gratuity. You can check out all the details before you decide to purchase the gift certificate. Even with some restrictions, this is a money-saving tip that can’t be beat.

Before you are able to print out the dining gift certificate from, you have to bypass a few “bonus offer” pages. Just look at the bottom of the page for the “no thanks” option.



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