So Easy That I Can Do It!

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gluten free apple crisp made from a cake mix

So true confession time…. I am not the best cook, housekeeper, DIY-er, organizer, well … you name it and I am not that good at it.

{Exception to that rule….. finding ways to save money. That really is my super power.}

I have started using Pinterest as a gathering spot for all the clever ideas from all the clever people who are good at all the things that I am not good at, but are necessary to make a house and a body function.

My Pinterest boards have become a curated, compilation of simple tips for cooking, housekeeping, entertaining on a budget, organizing, green cleaning, staying fit and healthy…. all the things I want to do better, but just need a little inspiration – now called “PIN-spriation”.

Why don’t you join me on Pinterest? If you are brand new, it can be a little overwhelming. Just start by joining, it’s free. You can find me and see if some of my Pinterest boards are worth following. You can also use the search function to locate pins on your favorite topics. You do not have to Pin your own stuff to benefit from Pinterest.

However, if you are a pinner, let me know so I can follow you too!


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