Square Foot Gardening

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I’m an amateur gardener. I don’t have a lot of time to invest and I need it to be easy.  Square foot gardening works well  for me.

Square foot gardening allows you to grow in smaller spaces because no thinning is needed. This sounds dumb, but it pains me to thin my vegetables when they have started to grow.

You only plant what you want to use thereby using less water.  Each square contains a different vegetable or herb or fruit. You replant the squares as soon as they are harvested so you will always have something to eat or cook with.

I read this book to help me get started, you can buy it used on Amazon.com  for just a few dollars: Square Foot Gardening.

I also wrote about the easiest plants to grow and the faster plants from seed, you can read that article HERE.

Gardens Alive! has great prices on organic gardening products. You can get $25  off your order of $50 or more at when you request a catalog, visit website HERE.


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