how does Walmart’s new layaway policy work? Walmart layaway for Christmas rules

Walmart’s New Layaway Plan – How Does It Work?

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Walmart Layaway for 2014 has not been officially announced yet, but I have made a few phone calls and I have been told that this year, 2014, Walmart’s layaway will start in stores nationwide on September 16th and run through December 14th. If you “like” your local Walmart store on Facebook, you can get access to the 2014 Walmart layaway program on September 14th.

Last year, Walmart included jewelry, electronics and toys in their layaway program and this year they are adding small home appliances and select sporting goods.

So this is an early “heads up” and is not yet officially announced by Walmart. As soon as the official 2014 Walmart layaway rules are posted, I will update you right here.

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If we look at the details from Walmart’s layaway from last year, we can anticipate that it will start in the middle of September and end in the middle of December. As soon as the 2014 Walmart layaway is announced, I will post the information here, so bookmark this post and check back!

Here are the details from the last year:

This year, shoppers will be able to layaway infant toys and automotive accessories such as speakers and stereos in addition to small appliances, large exercise equipment,  some sporting goods such as trampolines, toys and electronics of $15 or more, including dolls, bicycles, video games and televisions,

Walmart will require that each item be priced at $15 or higher and the total of your layaway purchase must be at least $50.

A down payment of $10 or 10% will be required, whichever is greater and that will be applied toward the purchase. New this year, there is no fee to open the account. There is a $10 fee if the order is cancelled, however cancellation fees do not apply in Ohio, Maryland, Rhode Island or the District of Columbia.


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