Try Dove Dry Spray and Ditch the Ick!

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Have you ever had an embarrassing antiperspirant mishap? I have had a few along the way during this rocky road called menopause. At times, the hot flashes just take over and my body feels like a melted crayon. Along with that comes the sweating like I have just run a marathon. I have never run a marathon and it’s unlikely that I ever will.

I have tried three or four deodorants, the stronger clinical ones and up until now, I will still having problems. I have had to pay close attention to the colors and fabrics I am wearing when going out. Well who has time for that? Not me. And not you either is my guess.

dove spray

When I was sent the new Dove Dry Spray in Cool Essentials, I wasn’t sure I would like the spray. I have always been a “stick” user but now I am converted. The spray goes on instantly dry, not like sprays I have tried in the past that are wet and messy. The dry spray comes out with just enough antiperspirant and doesn’t make you cringe with anticipation of a big blast of cold spray. Plus, there is no white residue to come off your clothing. It’s a pleasant feeling and it smells nice too. My Dove Dry Spray in Cool Essentials has just a little hint of fragrance, and is not overpowering.

They say the antiperspirant spray offers 48-hour protection but I have not yet been in a situation where I went without it for a day. I feel more comfortable and confident now. When the sweating starts, I can just spray it on and know that I will stay dry. If you have not yet experienced what I am talking about, consider yourself lucky. It can be quite uncomfortable! This dry spray antiperspirant offers an inexpensive solution to an embarrassing problem for many of us. You can find it at Walmart so you know the price will be the lowest around.

I had my husband try it too and now he wants his own “man version” to keep in his gym bag. It’s great to have one at the office too. All you need is a quick spray to get you through the day feeling dry.

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There are several new dry sprays to choose from, all available at Walmart. I love the Dove Dry Spray in Cool Essentials.  Look for Degree Men, Degree Women, Dove, Dove Men+Care and Axe.

Ditch the ick of slick, visible residue and enjoy the 48-hour protection of an Antiperspirant spray that goes on instantly dry.


#TRYDRY and Ditch The Ick

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