Ubokia? What’s That? Check Out This Alternative to Craigslist

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Have you heard of Ubokia yet? This is a website I just learned about.  I went to dictionary.com to see if Ubokia meant anything. I wonder how they came up with the name?  Regardless though, I wanted to pass on this cool website since I think our readers will find it interesting.

It is a different spin or take on an already existing idea.  Let me explain.  If you’re like me, you’re always searching Craigslist and yard sales to find inexpensive alternatives to purchasing new. Ubokia is a community that puts the buyer in control instead of the seller so much.  To do this, they allow members to post something they want to buy, then sellers come to them and make offers – it is basically like a reverse Craigslist!  In other words, Ubokia helps you find the things you want or just plain need, whether it’s used cars, vacation rentals, baby/kids items, or really anything else you can imagine.

In addition to posting wants, you can browse the wants of others, create seller items, view matching wants for items you want to sell, and share wants with friends and associates through social networks.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Create a free account.

2. Get üTrusted: The üTrust Verification process is a quick online identity check using publicly accessible records. They will ask for basic information like your name and street address, plus a few simple questions that only you should know the answer to. This gives other Ubokia members confidence that you are who you say you are.

3. Poke Around: Many new Ubokians start out by browsing WANTs or items for sale to see how other people are using Ubokia to buy. If you see something interesting for WANT or sale, just make an offer.

4. Dive In: Post a WANT or post an item for sale. The üMatch system will start trying to match buyers and sellers together for possible deals. When a deal is available, you’ll get an email. Once you have posted your “Want”, you will begin to receive offers from sellers. You can use the negotiation box to discuss the details with them. Here you can ask questions or request pictures as well discuss payment and delivery options.

5. Make It Your Own: üGroups are available for all kinds of topics and interests. With one click, you can see what your fellow enthusiasts are buying, selling, or talking about — and you can join right in. Create a üGroup for free and watch it grow, or start an invite-only üGroup so you can buy, sell, and talk with people you already know and trust.

Ubokia is definitely worth a look-see especially if you have been on the look out for a certain something and haven’t had much luck finding it.  Plus Ubokia is national so for certain easily shippable things you can set up payments via PayPal and have the item mailed to you.

Oh and did I mention that it is FREE to both sell and buy.  No fees like eBay.

Here is our Ubokia Marketplace in interactive form (navigate it just as you would a website):

I was compensated for this post although as always all opinions expressed are my own.