What is Weight Watchers New Simple Start Progam?

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The summer is over and the holidays are bearing down… This might be a good time to try the Weight Watchers Simple Start program, to lose weight, feel better and save money in the process.

When I take the time to plan out my meals for the whole week, I save money, time, and things so smoothly when I can dinner on the table quickly, for everyone. You can work the weight watchers menus to feed the family healthy and delicious food.

What is Weight Watchers New Simple Start program? A  2 week plan to jump start your weight loss.  You can work the plan entirely online, {my favorite} or go to meetings, whatever works best for you.

Simple Start: The simplest Weight Watchers plan ever. A 2-week plan to start right. See how!

If you have been wanting to give the Weight Watchers Simple Start plan a try. Their current promotion expires at the end of October so this is a great time to lose weight without counting anything!

Current promotion:


I have seen Weight Watchers work for many people who wanted a lifestyle change while having the flexibility to eat out in restaurants and enjoy celebrations. You just have to plan!

With the new Simple Start program, you can get off to a quick start and hopefully keep that motivation going until you reach your goal weight.

The new Weight Watchers program gives you two weeks of a food plan prepared for you. You choose among the allowed meals and you don’t have to count points. The Simple Start power foods will keep you full and help avoid the types of foods that lead to overeating.

You can check out the new Simple Start program here:


Weight Watchers Online – Get the Info & Resources You Need to Follow the Plan Online.

Don’t forget to cancel before your 1st month if you don’t wish to continue. I downloaded the Weight Watchers Simple Start app to my iPhone so I will always have the information with me. *Weight Watchers Mobile Apps are available to Weight Watchers Online and eTools subscribers on select devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android.

*Update- if you like your meals planned out for you, then the new Simple Start program is for you. If you prefer to pick and choose your food, then the traditional Weight Watchers is probably best for you. The good news is that you can switch and see which plan you like the best.

I am not a Weight Watchers spokesperson and I have not been compensated to try the program. I paid for it myself, because I think it a sensible, healthy way to lose weight. I do not like to drink my meals with shakes and smoothies. I get grumpy and hungry. I need to eat good food and stay full, that is why I think Weight Watchers will work for me.

Pinterest Board Dedicated to Weight Watchers!

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Are You on Pinterest? I have a board dedicated to Yummy and Easy Weight Watchers Recipes. I hope you will be stop by and check it out. You can find me here: http://www.pinterest.com/morewlesstoday/weight-watchers-yummy-recipes/

I would love for you to share your favorite Weight Watchers recipes with all of us.

One of the best money-saving food tips is to plan out your meals ahead of time. Not only does it save you money, it also saves time. The investment of time made in the beginning of the week, is well worth it!


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