What are Swagbucks? How do you use Swagbucks?

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What are Swagbucks? How do you use Swagbucks? Is Swagbucks legit?

For the last several months, I have been using SWAGBUCKS to try it out before I told you about it.

Swagbucks has a search bar where you type in your searches just as if you were typing into Google or Ask.com. The answers you get, come from these two search engines. To reward you for taking the extra step, you get free points called Swagbucks.

They don’t ask you for any personal information to set up an account, don’t require a credit card and I have not gotten any spam or unwanted emails as a result of using Swagbucks.

One of the ways to redeem Swagbucks is by getting free gift cards. A few favorites are Lowe’s, Barnes & Noble, JC Penney and Amazon.com, which is one of my favorite gifts to give. These last couple of months have been a budget killer for me with birthdays, graduations, weddings, Christmas etc. If you have Swagbucks in your account you can use them to buy your gifts throughout the year.

You can get crazy with this and spend a lot of time – or you can just do a couple searches a day and earn some free Amazon.com gift cards. For every 450 Swagbucks, you can earn a $5.00 Amazon.com gift card.

There are all kinds of prizes, contests, and multiple ways to redeem and use your Swagbucks. You can add a Swagbucks tool bar to your website if you choose.  Downloading the toolbar  makes it easier to remember to search through their site. It was a little confusing to me when I first started, so if you want to keep it simple until you catch on, just go to Swagbucks.com and do your searches. You can branch out later.

You can really go to town on this site but if you want to just give it a try- just set up a free account and do two searches on anything like “iPod” and “tomatoes”. You don’t have to get into the sites or read anything or stay on them, you just need to do the searches to win the Swagbucks.

Generally, you are awarded your free Swagbucks after your second search, so if you try it, make sure you do two searches. These Swagbucks are awarded and credited to your account automatically. You will see a pop-up window that says “you have been awarded 10,20 or 30 Swagbucks. Then you just click on “return to search” and resume your surfing. It takes all of one second.

I know they are using this site to track my surfing habits, but I figure Google is doing that anyway, so I might as well get some free stuff for it. If this makes you crazy, then this probably isn’t for you.

I did  subscribe to their blog and often they put extra Swagbucks codes in their blog posts. When you see a Swagbucks code, just return to your home page of Swagbucks and type the code in the bar that says “enter a swag code” above the word “gimmee“. That’s it -more bonus Swagbucks for you.

Another tip- if you earn Swagbucks during the day, give the site a rest and come back several hours later and try to earn more. Earning Swagbucks twice a day through searching is the best you can hope for in my experience.


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