Noel A Triplett

I had read some really negative comments about nomorerack, but I decided to try it anyway. I started off small and have been working my way up. To date, I have been nothing short of pleased. I don’t set expectations too high, so some small glitch won’t be a big disappointment.


That you Noel. I was a little apprehensive too. I have more more than pleased with the items I have ordered. I just got back from visiting my sister and she was showing me some of the items she has ordered and she agrees. The shipping is slow, you just have to factor that in.

Lexy Brock

Im on my second order from No more rack I ordered loooked up reviews and proceeded to quiver. Shut my eyes and held on for the ride. Not expecting to get anything or half my order maybe. But I got my complete order on the same day I ordered king size sheet for 29.00 . The sheets ar not thick but for texas weather they are light and super soft. So far for the money I love my new sheets.I also purchased a shapewear top and I love it as well and compared to walmart I saved 9 dollars and im super happy with the product. You get what you pay for . I would never buy1600 thread count sheets for 29.00 and expect hotel quality sheets.If you expect that you are delusional. I just ordered another set of sheets and a duvet set to give me roon a new look for 60.00 very excited to receive this next order and shipping i got me items in less then 2 weeks from ordering time for a 2 dollar shipping cost I expected that time frame and wasnt disappointed with it either.


thanks for sharing Lexy. I also ordered the sheets and I love them. You sure got quick shipping!

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