What is the Bluebird Card? A New Way to Pay

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What is the Bluebird Card? Lots of Features and No Fees

The Bluebird Card is a new way to pay using a prepaid card that can help manage and control our money. There are lots of features and no fees, which makes this card something to consider.  You can make direct deposits, pay bills online, add checks with the Bluebird Mobile App, and set up sub-accounts — giving access to certain funds and not the whole account.

No Credit Checks

The Bluebird Card can be an alternative to a checking account with no minimum balance, and no monthly fees, no annual fees and no overdraft fees. There will only be a fee for using an out of network ATM for customers who don’t use direct deposit. There are no credit checks with this card.

The Bluebird Card will come with some cool features such as the ability to deposit a check by taking a picture of it with your smartphone. The card will also offer fraud protection if it is lost or stolen.

The Bluebird Card is a partnership between American Express and Walmart.

Walmart cites a Bretton Woods study that shows consumers now pay an average of $259 per year for a basic checking account and says “that cost is rising due to higher minimum balance requirements and a growing list of fees being added to these services.”

For Teens and Young Adults

The Bluebird Card may be a good option for teens and young adults as they learn to manage their money. You won’t have to worry about overdraft fees, there are no monthly fees, no credit checks, and no minimum balance is required.

Great for Online Shopping and Free Trials

I like to use prepaid cards when I buy online and don’t want to use my “regular” checking account. A prepaid card is smart to use for offers that will auto-renew if you forget to cancel them.

You can get more information or sign up to get the Bluebird Card here.

I am not a fan of credit cards, but debit cards with no fees and prepaid cards are an effective way to help us to manage our money. I have been a customer of American Express for years and you just can’t beat their customer service.


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