#1 Reason to Grocery Shop Without Your Kids

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Save 35% on your next  grocery shopping trip! According to marketing expert and author Martin Lindstrom, women who bring children along when they grocery shop spend 35% more money in the store. In addition to the savings, sometimes Mom needs a little peace and quiet to focus on getting all the items needed to avoid repeat trips during the week. Staying out of the grocery store saves you the most money!

Buyology author Martin Lindstrom’s new book Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use To Manipulate Our Minds And Persuade Us To Buy  tells a detailed story of the lengths brands go to in order to get us and our kids hooked on buying specific products and specific brands.

If your grocery bill is too high and you are taking the little consumers with you, this statistic may cause you to reconsider.  How much do you spend a month on groceries? The average family of 4 spends  around $600 a month. If you are buying diapers, then it is probably more.

I learned later rather than sooner, that my husband is a better grocery shopper than I am. He shops with a laser-like precision and does not get distracted by sales and discounts and new foods to try like I do. He is not a big fan of coupons so I try and limit that to less than 5 and I load coupons to our store loyalty card ahead of time and when he swipes it, those coupons come right off our bill.



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