20 Awesome Target Shopping Savings Hacks for Dollar Squeezers Like Me!

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20 Awesome Target Shopping Savings Hacks – How many of these do you use? Please let me know if we missed any. We learn so much from our thrifty readers and we update our posts as we get smarter!

Do you love Target? These 20 awesome Target shopping savings hacks will help you to stretch your dollars in stores and online.


Are you a Target shopper? And, are you a dollar squeezer like me? I also shop at some of Target’s competitors, but it’s not fun. When I am at Target, I am in a happy, spendy mood.

Target makes it easy to wander the aisles and end up with lots of stuff in that red cart. Whenever I want some time with my busy daughter, all I need to say is “I need to go to Target this weekend, do you want to go?” It’s a surefire way to spend time with her and really rack up my bill, so I need to have all my Target Shopping Savings Hacks ready to go.

With just a little know-how and advance preparation, you can stretch your dollars at Target. I’ll even show you how to get little splurges without any guilt!

I found clearance markdowns, coupons, text offers, free APPs, insider tips and hacks to save money both in Target stores and at Target.com.


Target shopping hacks and tips

1. Know the Target Markdown Schedule

Specific items are marked down on these days:

Mondays: Girl’s Clothing, Boy’s Clothing, Baby Clothing and Electronics

Tuesdays: Women’s Clothing and Juniors

Wednesdays: Men’s Clothing, Food, Stationery and Laundry Items

Thursday: Sleepwear, Pet Products, Paper Goods, Shoes, Athletic Apparel, Kitchen & Housewares and Toys

Friday: Domestic, Auto, Beauty, Scarves and Jewelry

photo from http://www.ratherbeshopping.com

photo from http://www.ratherbeshopping.com


2. Read the Clearance Tags

If the price ends in “8”, it will be marked down again. It is ends in “4” it is the lowest it will be. Grab it before it’s gone.

get a rain check at Target

3. Missed the Sale? Get a Rain Check

If the shelf is cleared out and the sale items are gone. Ask for a rain check. Sometimes there is a tear pad already on the empty shelf, so grab one and hand it to the cashier and let them know how many you wish to purchase.

If there is no tear pad, take a photo of the price tag with the SKU numbers, or write them down, so the cashier can easily look it up. Rain checks entitle you to sale price on out of stock merchandise for 45 days. Some items will have a “no rain check” marked on the price.

Look on your rain check to see if it says “choose a substitute” and then take your rain check and your substitute item to the cashier and they can search to see if your item qualifies for a substitution. You may get the item you really wanted at the sales price of the less desirable item! Your mileage may vary, but it’s worth a try.

4. Use the Price Match Policy to Your Advantage

The easiest way to make this work is to have the Amazon APP or Red Laser APP on your phone. Look up prices while you are shopping and then show the lower price on your mobile phone at customer service and ask for your Target item to be price matched. Keep reading to learn which stores Target will price match.The first time, you may feel awkward, but by the second time, you will feel like a genius!

You can do this after your purchase, but I prefer to do it right in the store before I buy an item.

Get the details on Target’s Price Match Guarantee

How to Save Money Shopping at Target

5.  Has the Price Dropped Since Your Purchase? Ask for the Difference Back!

If you buy a qualifying item at a Target store or at Target.com, then find the identical item for less in the following week’s Target weekly ad or within 14 days, Target will adjust the price.

Use the Target APP, the Amazon APP or the Red Laser APP to check prices. Keep your Target receipts with you. I have often just stopped by Customer Service and asked them to scan my old receipts for price drops. You might be surprised at how many times I have gotten money back and it just takes a few seconds to find out. Get the details on Target’s price adjustment policy.


6.  Download the Target APP –  the Cartwheel APP is now merged with the Target APP.

 You can get Target deal PLUS combine them with manufacturer’s coupons, and your RED Card discount. Find what you need on the Target APP and simply have the cashier scan the barcode on your smartphone.

For desktop users, go to the Target website and select the offers you may use. Print out the coupons at home and give it to the cashier to scan at checkout. Your barcode never changes, Get answers to more FAQ’s from the Target website.



7. Go Paperless – Get Target Mobile Coupons

Choose the time of day you wish to have your text coupons sent to you. Standard text message fees apply. This is ideal if you have an unlimited texting plan. Never forget your coupons, they are waiting for you on your phone!

Target printable mobile coupons

8. Get Target’s Printable Coupons

You will find high dollar value coupons for items you regularly buy including groceries, clothing, beauty supplies, cleaning supplies and more here at the Target website. Use the sort feature on the left if you are only interested in specific categories. Print the ones you may use.

Target double coupon savings

9. Double Dip

Combine Target coupons with manufacturers coupons found here on More with Less Today. Just search our FREE Coupon Database, and print out just coupons you need. Match up the coupons you need with your Target shopping list before you head out to Target.

Bonus: Use coupons on BOGO promotions too. Buy one, get one free and use a coupon. Woo-hoo, look at you save!

Target’s Coupon Policy: Target accepts one manufacturer coupon and one Target coupon for the same item (unless wording on the coupon says otherwise). Super Target coupons can be used in any Target store if the store carries the item. The coupon amount may be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied.

Get a Target Red Card


10. Get the Target Debit Card for Additional 5% Off

Consider the Target REDCard  the debit card (not the credit card). It works just like writing a check from your existing checking account. There is no annual fee, no cost or interest charges. You get 5% off all purchases, free shipping with no minimum purchase and an extended time for refunds. You save 5% automatically without any coupons or effort. You can also request $40 cash back when shopping in-store with your Target REDCard Debit Card.

If you see a great deal online, you can save an additional 5% and get free shipping without having to pad your bill!

  • 5% off every day
  • Free shipping at Target.com (no minimum purchase)
  • Extended returns — 30 extra days
  • Up to 1% of purchases go to school of your choice
  • The online application process for debit and credit has immediate approval (except for some debit applications that require a few days to confirm a bank account)
  • REDcard holders can easily check their credit card account balance, make a payment, review past statements, check their debit card transaction history and manage their PIN. They also get to enjoy exclusive offers available only to REDcard holders.

Target gift card with purchase deals

11Target Gift Card with Purchase Deals

Here is the key to paying for little splurges (without anyone knowing*wink*wink*) Always check here to see the current Gift Card with Purchase Offers. See, now you have Target gift cards for your new lipstick or earrings and no one is the wiser. I will NEVER tell our little secrets…

Here are the current gift card with purchase deals.

Target pharmacy savings

 12. Fill Prescriptions at Target for 5% Off (stackable)

Fill 5 prescriptions and get 5% off a day of Target shopping. It’s stackable with your 5% off Red Card Savings. * Save this for when you need to make an expensive purchase!

Bonus- did you know that Target can fill prescriptions for your pets too?

trade in electronics at Target

13. Recycle Your Old Electronics for a Target Gift Card

  You can recycle your unwanted electronics at a Target store and exchange them for gift cards. You can read the details at Target Trade-In

Target Free Family Events

14. Have Some Free Family Fun, Courtesy of Target

Go to a local museum or family event for free, courtesy of Target. Get the details here.

15. Check the Target Flyer in your Sunday Coupon Supplement

Be sure and save the Target flyer from the Sunday paper and look through it to find valuable coupons and offers! I keep mine in my car in a folder so I have it for those last minute Target runs.


how to use the ibotta APP

16. Get Free Rebate APP’s for cash back and savings.

Make that smart phone pay for itself. I use Ibotta and Checkout 51 and then take pictures of my receipts to get cash back on my purchases. If your Target has a cafe, you might want to sit for a few minutes and submit your receipts before you leave the store. Often when we get home, we have lots of demands on our time. It might be easier to just do it before you head home and then it won’t get forgotten.

  :: Savings Hacks for Target.com Shoppers:

17. Head Straight for the Target Online Clearance Section

Look in the online clearance section. You can often find markdowns up to 75% off! Combine that with a RED Card 5% discount and you are a super saver!

18. Score Online Promo Codes

 Savings.com has a database of current online promo codes for Target, just view them below and select your favorite one. Bookmark this page so you can grab an online Target coupon whenever you shop!


Promo codes provided by Savings.com

19. Use Ebates to Get Cash Back

If you are not yet using Ebates, you are missing out on some easy savings! Get a rebate check for the online shopping you are doing! Sign up at Ebates and have instant access to free shipping promotions, promo codes, online sales, plus you will get cash back on your online purchases without having to do any paperwork.

So in addition to scoring the best prices, you will get a check in the mail too! This is my 3rd year of using Ebates.

ebates pick your bonus

After you make your first purchase of $30 or more, you can choose a free $10 bonus gift card, and Target is a choice.

20. Earn Free Target Gift Cards with Swagbucks

Earn free gift cards to Target, Amazon and other favorite stores just by logging in to Swagbucks first. You can read my post “What are Swagbucks? Get Started Earning Free Gift Cards” for more information. I have been using this site for more than 5 years and love earning free gift cards. It’s a little confusing at first, but soon you will be “swagging” like a champ.

Target shopping tips

Now in addition to these awesome tips, you will need to stay organized. Your system can be as simple as an envelope you keep in your purse or in your car. Save your receipts, coupons, coupons that print out with your receipt. Keep a running list of what you need, (I use my smartphone) and then take a few minutes to get your savings before you head out to the store or log in to Target.com.

Get these 20 Target Shopping Savings Hacks ready now, so on your next Target shopping trip, you will be eligible for the Dollar Squeezers Hall of Fame. Come back and tell us how much you saved!

Do you love Target? These 20 awesome Target shopping savings hacks will help you to stretch your dollars in stores and online.

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