Bringing Up Bates – a TV Show About Real Life With a Positive Message

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Bringing Up Bates – a TV Show About Real Life With a Positive Message

Are you looking for a TV show about real life with a positive message? I want to share one that the entire family can watch together. Bringing Up Bates is one of UPtv’s most popular original shows and has returned for it’s 4th season on Thursday nights at 9PM ET.

Meet the Bates

Bringing Up Bates is a family docu-series that follows the lives of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates and their 19 children. The kids range in age from toddlers to 20 somethings, plus an ever growing number of grandchildren. The older kids are used to welcoming ” a new kid every year. ” Can you even imagine?

The Bates have a happy tight-knit family with strong family values, and mottos to live by. Gil and Kelly Jo encourage all of their children to pursue their dreams through education and hard work. It’s a show with a positive message and I think you will be fascinated and captivated by them.

“If you don’t have big dreams, you’ll never go anywhere in life.” – Tori

I thought that I would be watching a reality show full of chaos, but the reality is the Bates are a sweet, very inspirational family who love and support each other through the ups and downs of life. They have the same challenges we all face and they handle them together with grace, encouragement and faith.

“I don’t know what’s in the future, but I know Who holds the future… and I’m looking forward to what He’s going to deliver.” – Gil

Bringing Up Bates Bringing Up Bates - a TV Show About Real Life

You may be asking, “where do you find such inspirational TV these days?”

Are you familiar with UPtv? The Up Network believes that “quality entertainment with authentic uplifting stories will have a positive impact on people’s hearts and change our world.” They celebrate the shared experiences and family traditions that bring us all together in a fun and entertaining way. 

Find your station here.  The UP network motto is – “We Get Family” 


Bringing Up Bates Season 4


Last week, in the season premier, Gil had surgery and the kids had some moments of clarity when they imagined life without their dad. It was a “lump in the throat” episode that made us all pause and reflect on how precious we are to each other. Gil is an amazing dad and somehow finds time to spend with each child, making them feel special and appreciated.

While Gil was in the hospital, the older children helped keep the younger children busy by making cards. Gil “face-timed” with the family during his recovery until he could return home to a happy, boisterous reunion.

The Bates family will steal your heart! 

Make It Count Moments and Memories

Bringing Up Bates inspired me to preserve our family memories

Although our family is not followed around by cameras filming our together time like the Bates family, several years ago, I started a family tradition to document our happy times.

I live in Southern California with my family and the rest of my family lives on the east coast. We get together as often as we can but not as often as we would like.

Each year, I make a photo calendar that I give as a Christmas gift and I include photos of our shared family fun. When I turn a new page each month, it makes me happy to know that the rest of my family is looking at the same family photo and it helps to keep us close.

share family memories like the Bates family #BringingUpBates

Tune in this Thursday at 9PM ET (or set your DVR). Find Bringing Up Bates on The UP Network. You can also follow the fun on social media with hashtag #BringingUpBates.

This post was sponsored by UP Entertainment, however all opinions are 100% mine.


You can’t help but fall in love with Bringing Up Bates on The UP Network.

This post was sponsored by UP Entertainment, however all opinions are 100% mine.

Kelly Dye

That is such a sweet tradition, Lori! I love the idea of everyone looking at the same photo each month. I need to start implementing this with my own family as we are scattered all across the country. Thanks for sharing!


I have never heard of the show or this network. It looks like something I would love to be able to sit down and watch and not have to worry about what my child is watching with me.

William Sweeney

I have not heard of this show before! Looks like a good one to watch, I love to get together with family when ever I can.

Robin Masshole Mommy

I have never heard of this show, but it sounds great. Can’t wait to check it out.


I haven’t heard of this show before, its great that they are putting out stuff with good messages though. I also like your tradition of making calendars each year, it’s pretty neat that you do that.

Ann Bacciaglia

I am looking forward to checking out Bringing Up Bates. It sounds like a great show with a good message.

Elizabeth Lampman

Bringing Up Bates is a great show. I loved the first three seasons.

Stacie Vaughan

A family calendar is a great idea. It would be a great gift for the Grandparents. I will have to check out the show Bringing Up Bates.

Aimee Smith

I have never heard of this network before. I love family values and think it would be a great fit for us. I am going to look into it!


I’m always looking for new shows to watch! Looks like a great family friendly show!

Marcie W.

The Bates seem like such a wholesomely sweet family. Nothing beats an uplifting show with a positive message.

Jennifer Sikora

I love the Bates family! I have been watching them since the beginning!!

Liz Mays

How did this family escape my knowledge? Now I have to tune into this and see all about them.

Liz Cleland

We love to create calendars like these for the grandparents each Christmas. This was a great way to involve everyone with wonderful memories!

Melissa T

Our favorite is America’s Funniest Home Video

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