Family Traditions, Family Mottos & Family Fun – Bringing Up Bates

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Fun for the whole family. Do you often find that much used phrase to be just a little untrue?  It is hard to find activities and fun that the whole family will enjoy. When it comes to finding TV shows to watch and enjoy together, many of those suitable for the young kids are not going to keep the attention of the grown-ups and the older kids. I don’t have to tell you that there is a lot of really awful programs that pass for entertainment on TV these days. As we flip through the channels, one of the sayings in our house is “this show is un-watchable.”

Are you looking for a family TV program that everyone will love? Bringing Up Bates premiers this Thursday, June 2nd at 9 PM ET on the UP Network.

Family Traditions, Family Mottos & Family Fun – Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates is a rare exception. We are excited to begin watching their 4th season which premiers this Thursday, June 2nd at 9 PM ET on the UP Network. It has become one of their most popular original shows and I think you and your entire family will embrace it.

Meet the Bates Family (there are a lot of them…..)

Bringing Up Bates is a family docu-series that follows the lives of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates, proud parents of 19 children and a growing number of grandchildren. In this new season, change is in the air as a lot of the kids are beginning to forge their own paths outside of the family. From new loves, to new careers and new babies, the Bates are experiencing both the highs and lows of life. Caution— they will steal your heart.

Unsure how to find UP’s channel on your TV? Find the station here. The Up Network believes that “quality entertainment with authentic uplifting stories will have a positive impact on people’s hearts and change our world.” They celebrate the shared experiences and family traditions that bring us all together in a fun and entertaining way. It is fun for the whole family, and like I said, that can be hard to find.

The UP network motto- “We Get Family” 

Does your family have a motto or a favorite saying? The Bates family members have some great quotes about encouragement, family and love.

● “If you don’t have big dreams, you’ll never go anywhere in life.” – Tori

● “Popsicles and Band-Aids are the universal fix for any problem.” – Gil

● “I don’t know what’s in the future, but I know Who holds the future… and I’m looking forward to what He’s going to deliver.” – Gil

Our Family Mottos – these were passed down from my parents…


Family Mottos inspired by Bring Up Bates

This one is from my Mom. If I close my eyes, I  can hear her saying it to me. I have repeated it many times, to myself and to our kids.
Family quotes to live by inspired by Brining Up Bates


Our New Family Tradition ……..

Praise before Presents Bringing Up Bates family tradition

Last year, we took a cue from The Bates Family and started doing what they do with every birthday. They call it “Praise Before Presents.” Before the presents are opened, each family member takes time to tell the birthday girl or birthday boy how they feel about them and to recognize their outstanding traits. It was a little awkward at first, but we have fully embraced it now and it is part of our family traditions. I would like to think that someday, our children will continue this tradition with their own families.


#BringingUpBates Twitter party


See what all the excitement is about and join me at the Premier Twitter Party on 6/2 at 9PM EST using the hashtag #BringingUpBates. Their will several AMAZING prizes to lucky participants!  I tweet as @morewless so be sure and let me know when you join the party!

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You can’t help but fall in love with Bringing Up Bates on The UP Network.

This post was sponsored by UP Entertainment, however all opinions are 100% mine.


Thank you for sharing. I had no idea this family even had their own show.

Terri Beavers

I love the quote “Popsicles and Band-Aids are the universal fix for any problem.” – Gil. I’ll have to check out Bringing Up Bates.

Robin Masshole Mommy

I have never heard of this show before, but it definitely sounds interesting.

Cindy Ingalls

I really like the idea of a family motto. I’m not familiar with the Bates, as I don’t really watch reality tv, but they sound like an interesting family.

Elizabeth O.

It’s already kind of crazy raising two kids what more if there’s 19 of them! It sounds like a really fun reality show to watch. I love watching family shows because you can relate to them! I’m sure this one is!

Kelly Dye

Thanks for the post! i will tuning into the show. I love the Birthday idea of making it about much more than jus tthe presents (although I like those too).

Travel Blogger

I had never heard of this show but i love watching these big families. I grew up in a family of 5 and I thought that was large!


I really love those quotes! I’d get them framed and hung up. I have actually never seen this show either. Sounds really interesting. Raising my two girls is enough for me. I couldn’t imagine that many kids.


19 children! I can just imagine how rowdy it was when everyone was little but I know it’s always fun to have lots of siblings!

Nicole Etolen

My favorite family motto is “together we stand, together we fall”. Family should be united and that is so important.

Ryan Escat

I would like to meet the Bates family, looks like they are fun to watch! I can’t wait for it!

Nicole Escat

I love seeing family mottos hanged on the wall. One of my favorite family mottos come from the Bible, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”.


It didn’t used to be hard to find activities the kids all loved until they got older. Now I have a challenage. 😉

Ron Leyba

Haven’t heard of this show until now. Seems like a good one to watch. A good show for the whole family.

Melissa Bernardo

I love your family mottos! This show looks like it’ll be good!

Ann Bacciaglia

I have not heard of this family before. It would be interesting to see how they live with such a large family.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

A family motto!! I think we should cook one for our s as well! I’m looking forward to watching this show.

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