Buy a Discounted Gift Card or Sell Your Unwanted Gift Cards

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You can purchase a discounted gift card and pay less than face value. You can give it as a gift and the recipient will get full value for the gift card, or you can use it yourself to stretch your dollars.

For example, you buy a $100 Macy’s gift card and pay $90 for it. The gift card says $100 and has $100 worth of value, but you saved 10% and paid $90. Combine that with some coupons and promo codes and you are really saving!

You can also sell or trade your unwanted gift cards. Granted, you won’t get full value, but to me it is better to have $90 to put to work now if the gift card is from a store or merchant that is not to your liking, or worse, let the gift card sit unused and unwanted in a drawer or your wallet!

I have 2 sites for you to explore to see which one will offer you the most for your unwanted gift card or save you the most on a purchase!

1.  Try out to buy and sell your unwanted gift cards. They also feature daily deals with current promo codes for online savings.

You can trade your unwanted gift cards for gift cards you will use. Your gift cards are backed by a full money-back guarantee.

According to CouponTrade, nearly 20% of all gift cards go unused. CouponTrade offers gift cards, coupon codes and daily deals in a centralized location, you won’t have to browse multiple sites to find what you want.

2.  Buy your gift cards through eBates and earn cash back, paid to you in a check. It’s so easy! Just create a free account at eBates and then buy your gift cards and get rebates credited back to you with no paperwork to do.

Here are just some of the stores offering cash back to buy gift cards through eBates today:

Under Armor- 12% cash back – 12% cash back

Kmart – 7% cash back

Don’t forget to check out these sites before planning a trip. You can purchase discounted gift cards for hotels and restaurant chains too.

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