Centrum® New MultiGummies to Help Get Nutrition Covered

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Centrum® New MultiGummies to Help Get Nutrition Covered 

Life is pretty hectic around our house, even on the good days when everything is running smooth.  We try to eat healthy, balanced meals and focus on fruits for snacks rather than candy or chips, but with as many moving parts as there are, it’s hard to know you’re covering all of your bases.  This is even truer for my husband and me, since our main mission is getting the kids fed and where they need to be.  We sit down for dinner as a family, but we are up and down getting more for the little boys and such, so we don’t always get to finish.

When we got a chance to try out New Centrum® MultiGummies, we jumped at it as they seemed to be the answer to our problem.  A lot of people have trouble swallowing conventional, hard multi vitamins and once they are down, they sit in your stomach like a brick if you haven’t eaten recently.  Centrum® heard what people wanted and developed MultiGummies as a solution.  They are easy to chew and swallow, taste good and contain important nutrients to help support energy, metabolism and immune system function. Surveys have shown that most Americans agree on a number of things including that it is a lot easier to eat an unhealthy diet than a healthy one and that despite widespread concern that they aren’t getting enough of key nutrients; most people haven’t changed their diet in the past year to try to get more.  The main two reasons given for not eating a healthy, balanced diet is time and cost.  Centrum® MultiGummies cover both of those bases.  The best part is the  gummies are gluten free, use only natural colorants and don’t contain artificial sweeteners but are still available in three great flavors – berry, cherry and orange.

Summer should be the easiest time to get a balanced diet, as fresh fruits and veggies are in season and the kids aren’t in school so the timeframes aren’t as tight.  At the same time, summer is time for play, vacations, and summer sports, so it’s easy to lose sight of eating right because you want to be out and on the go, not in the kitchen watching everything that gets made.  At the same time, because everyone is so active, summer is when nutrition is even more critical, getting the right nutrients is even more important.  Centrum® MultiGummies fit the bill in every way here also because it’s easy to keep them in the car if the mood strikes to just take off on a road trip or spontaneous picnic. We are excited to have a great resource to help support a healthier life and take a little bit of worry out of meal planning – this summer will be the best and busiest one we’ve ever had and Centrum® MultiGummies will be helping to power us through it.

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You can learn more about them at www.Centrum.com/Centrum-MultiGummies and check back here in a couple of weeks and learn what we think!

Visit www.Centrum.com/Centrum-MultiGummies for more information and to receive a $2 coupon off your next Centrum® purchase (limited time offer; while supplies last).

I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Centrum®. I received compensation for this post. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about Centrum® as a product or its effectiveness. #CentrumVitamins #ad





Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

I definitley want to try these. What a great way to get those nutrients in. Who doesn’t love gummies?


I will have to check and see what they sweeten these with. I can’t do sugar but need a good vitamin.

Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

I’m definitely getting a bottle of these when I use up my regular Centrum. I’d much rather have a gummy than try to swallow a pill.

Carmen Perez (listen2mama)

I’ve been seeing these vitamin gummies for adults lately and have wondered how they taste? I’m going to have to try them out soon.

Diana Villa

Those Centrum Multi Gummies sound amazing! I never tried them before, so I have to check them out, thanks 😀

michele d

I would definitely take these vitamins. Love that they are gummies makes it more enjoyable to take.

Christi from sexymoxiemama.com

I just finished my Alive multivitamins and have been on the lookout for a new one. These look really great. I will have to try them and compare them to my old brand. Thanks for sharing.

Megan Elford

I’m not a fan of those big horse pill vitamins, so these ones would be perfect for me. So much easier to take, and they just look like fun too!

Christy Maurer

Gummies are the only way my kids (who are not little lol) will take multivitamins. I, on the other hand, can’t handle the texture of gummy anything! I have to swallow my multis.

Liz Mays

I would definitely use these to stay on top of my vitamin intake. It’s hard to get every vitamin from food alone.


Gummy vitamins are the best, they actually taste super good and really make kids more keen to taking them! I like them and used to take them a lot.

Miranda Myrabev

I love this idea! Centrum are a great product! Thanks for sharing.


LOL I love this idea! I secretly always want to eat my kids vitamin gummies! Why should adults have to suffer with those nasty horse pill size vitamins!

Mistee Dawn

I am so glad these are available in gummies. They are so much easier to take them pill or powder form.


My grandkids take their gummy vitamins (for kids) every day. I’m so glad to see gummies for adults since I hate to swallow those huge tablets.

Chubskulit Rose

My kids like gummy vitamins, they are easy to digest and it is just l;ike eating candies but with the good health stuff.

Bonnie @ wemake7

I love gummies the best when it comes to taking multivitamins. I haven’t had this brand yet but will look for it the next time I’m shopping.


I always make sure to take my daily vitamin, but I’ve never tried chewable or gummies. My son does take his gummy vitamin daily. I would love to try this.

Alyssa C

I love gummie vitamins, I am definitely going to get a bottle! Thank you for sharing.

Uplifting Families

I need to pick up some of these vitamins. I don’t always eat enough fruits and veggies so these would be perfect. I loved the gummed when I was pregnant with my youngest. I couldn’t stomach those horrible prenatals.


These are such a great idea as I hate swallowing pills. Thank you for sharing. 😀

Amy @ItsAMindfulLife

I wasn’t aware of this product. Thanks for the info!

Yolanda Williams

These are great. Sometimes I get tired of taking the vitamins because I have to swallow. With these that won’t be a problem. Thanks


Those sound great! I don’t take vitamins because I hate choking down those horse pills. Now I don’t have to!


These are great. I switched over to gummies a while ago, and it’s so nice.

Chrystal | Nevermore Lane

Centrum is a great brand. I do think I am the only person who can’t stand the gummies though. I have tried a few vitamin gummies and they have always been really gross. Eaiser for me to just swallow a pill.


These look great. I am always looking for the perfect multivitamin for myself and my husband.

Amy Desrosiers

I have three generic gummy vitamins left in my bottle. I would love to see how this brand stacks up to them.


I really need a new multivitamin. The only problem I have with gummies is that I want to eat more than the dose since they taste good!

Paula Schuck

I love gummy vitamins and so do my kids. I didn’t know that centrum made gummies too. I will be looking for these!

manuela W.

Gummy vitamins are my favorite way to take my vitamins. Maybe because I love gummy candy. I have to try these soon, I will look for them in Rite Aid or CVS.


I love Centrium, my entire family takes them. I’ve found the gummies are the easiest to get everyone to take.

Amber Edwards

I am horrible at taking vitamins because they are so nasty. But having gummies, i could totally do gummies!

Dee Mauser

My son takes these because he’s always had trouble swallowing pills. Having the gummies is great!

Sarah @ Must Have Mom

My whole household needs to take a vitamin. These sound like the way to go!

Marina John

I’ve been searching for a new daily vitamin! This post was right on time.

Marcie W.

I remember my mother taking Centrum every day when I was growing up but these days she has an extremely difficult time swallowing pills. I will certainly be sharing this information with her since she could really benefit from daily multivitamins.


I recently tried these too. I like that you don’t have to have any water nearby to take them!


I have never tried their vitamins before. However, my mom has sworn by their vitamins for years.

Seattle Travel Blogger

I love Centrum. Their vitamins are great.

Ann Bacciaglia

These look like the perfect vitamin for me. I can not swallow the big pills vitamins usually come in. I will have to pick some of these up.

Lisa Bristol

Centrum makes great vitamins. I will have to pick up some Multigummies to try.

Tammy Roy

Multigummies sound like a great way to take your vitamins. I have been wanting to start taking vitamins again. I will have to give these a try.

Ron Leyba

This makes taking vitamins much fun and easier! Would love to grab few stocks of this. Thanks for letting me know about it.

Jenna Wood

I prefer taking my multivitamins in chewable format- I find I don’t take gummies regularly, because they often require 4 per serving and more chewing. I do like that these are gluten free, though, so I’ll have to give them a peek when I see them in the store.

Ty @ Mama of 3 Munchkins

I’ve been taking these for the past few weeks and I feel so much better after taking them. I just wish they were a little sweeter though.

Donna Ward

I have used something similar to the New Centrum® MultiGummies for my son when he was younger – these sound even better and it is so easy to use

Myrah - Coupon Mamacita

I take these new Centrum Gummies, they are delicious and most importantly, good for my health!

Jessica Simms

My dad uses centrum, he will be very excited to learn they now have yummy gummies! Thank you for sharing and for the coupon!

Jesica H

Our whole family needs to do better about eating vitamins daily, as I fear we don’t always get all we need. Plus, who doesn’t love gummies!

Michelle @ Dishes and Dust Bunnies

Gummies sound like a great way to get vitamins rather than the old pill kinds. I used to hate taking the pll kind of vitamins when I was a kid.

Carin Kilby Clark

It’s great that they’ve got a gummy option now. Makes taking the daily vitamin much easier!


Are all vitamins going to gummy form? I bet these are great and I have always loved the Centrum brand!

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