Clever and Practical Graduation Gift Ideas

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nat and me grad

Do you have a special graduate in your life? I sure do! This is my college-graduate daughter and me, taken just a few days ago. I am nostalgic, proud, and hopeful- just a jumble of emotions.

When folks have asked her what she would like for graduation, she is reluctant to tell the truth, but I know what it is and I bet that you can guess!

Yes, cash is king. Most graduates I know would love to have some spending money this summer to travel, use toward the next educational goal or job search.

If you want to give a monetary gift with a little cleverness thrown in, I found several ideas for you.


 Hallmark has some clever ideas for giving monetary gifts including Origami with dollars!

congratulations bottle

This clever blogger at Nancy’s Craft Spot filled an empty soda bottle with rolled up dollars.


Life is like a box of chocolates! How about this clever way to re-purpose an empty box of chocolates from Life As Mom.

If you want to give a practical gift, you can purchase business cards, return address labels or purchase stationery to use for resume writing.


For the high school graduate heading off to college, I suggest a gift cards from favorite restaurants. You can do a search to find chain restaurants and fast food restaurants near campus. I know that eating in the cafeteria three times a day quickly loses it’s appeal.

Tuck the gift cards inside a mason jar with some favorite candy like the ones found at Heavenly Homemakers.

If you are spending a little more, then business attire, a business handbag, a good pair of dress shoes, a  computer case, or briefcase are practical gift ideas that can give the graduate a boost as they begin the job search process.

If your graduate is heading off to college, I recommend sending them with a suit or “business appropriate” dress as my daughter needed to “dress to impress” on several occasions during her time at college.

If you want to give a group gift, encourage your graduate to make a wish list. They can easily do this through the  Best Buy wish list or at Wish List.

One last idea might be a gift certificate for a massage, or spa day. My graduate is exhausted and run down from finals and festivities.



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