Clever Uses for Leftover Coffee

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All You magazine has some great tips today for using leftover coffee and coffee ice cubes. Rumor has it that “Yours Truly” will be featured in All You magazine tomorrow- a pretty big deal for lil’ ole’ me!


Brew perfect iced coffee:
Keeping a tray of coffee ice cubes in the freezer will allow you to make iced coffee quickly and easily. Make a pot of fresh coffee, then pour over a glass filled with 5-6 coffee iced cubes. Your coffee will be chilled instantly and it won’t be diluted by melted ice.

Make coffee quickly:
Make your morning routine easier with this simple trick from All You reader Christy W. Freeze coffee ice at night, and the next day, take 3-4 cubes and microwave them for a minute in a mug. “This is a quick way to make your coffee when you’re time strained,” she says. Then simply add milk or cream and enjoy!

Add flavor to milkshakes:
Freeze a batch of coffee ice cubes. Next time you’re making a milkshake, All You reader Madame Deals recommends putting 1-2 in the blender for a quick and easy iced coffee milkshake.

Make a recipe unique:
Keep a batch of coffee ice cubes in the freezer to add to recipes — just defrost them in the microwave before using. Making brownies? All You reader Amanda Z. recommends using coffee as a substitute for water to give them a richer flavor. A bit of coffee is also delicious in marinades and cakes.

Plus: You can also freeze tea, lemonade and even Kool-aid to make flavorful ice cubes that won’t dilute your favorite beverages.



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