College Football Season Parties – Tailgating, Traditions and Touchdowns

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Brought to you by Dr Pepper® and Albertsons Companies. 

Our favorite time of year is here! It’s finally college football season. We love to have college football season parties on Saturdays. Tailgating, traditions, and touchdowns are a big part of what knits our family together. Last year, I learned the term” homegating” and that is what we do when we are not attending games in person. What is homegating? It is just like tailgating at the game but you enjoy the game with friends in the comfort of your home.

Here in Southern California, we can watch games from the early morning starting with the college football games being played on the east coast, until late at night with games being played here in the west.


We even have our own referee in case we get a bit too rowdy! My husband is a football referee on the weekends because well, we love football that much!


It is my favorite time of year! College Football Season Parties - Tailgating, Traditions, and Touchdowns. What do you like to serve while watching football?


On any given Saturday, we have friends and family drop by to hang out and watch college football with us. We do our pre-game prep at Albertsons and keep it simple with a nacho bar and everyone’s favorite, refreshing bottles of Dr Pepper® in both diet and regular flavors.

A nacho bar is a fun idea for game day. Simply set out all the ingredients and let everyone choose what they want on their nachos. It is an easy “serve yourself,” style of food bar for a party or event. The pre-party prep is easy and is an inexpensive way to entertain a crowd.

Today, I set out sour cream, shredded Mexican cheese, jalapenos, olives, a red salsa, and guacamole for our nacho bar. You could also keep chili warm in a crock pot or refried beans to serve with the nachos.

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Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

Thanks for sharing this great deal! Also, I only THOUGHT I was a fan of football. We have parties for game day, but we never dress up!

Vera Sweeney

Yes! College football is the best. Pro football has big names, but they do the craziest plays in college football. I love this idea for a party, and I love those savings!

Jeni Hawkins

What a cute set-up you have for football games! We love Dr. Pepper and I am always bringing cases of it with me to our friend’s place for game night. I’ll totally take advantage of this awesome promo! Thanks!


You guys have a wonderful set up there. I would love to check out one of your parties. You guys look like you have so much fun.


Football and Dr. Pepper…two of my favorite things. Thanks for sharing the great deal.

Nancy at Whispered Inspirations

That looks like a bunch of fun! I love doing things like this for special events. Love the idea of a Nacho Bar!


Oh Nacho bars sound like a bunch of fun! I love finding things to celebrate like this. What a blast.

Elizabeth L

That is a great looking spread of yumminess. Totally love the idea of doing a Nacho bar. There is nothing more fun that having a great party with food and amazing friends.


Sounds like a lot of fun. I love football parties. All the great food and people and it’s always a great time.


Tailgate style get togethers are always so much fun! Football is big in our household so this would be great.

Jenn Mitchell

This seriously looks perfect. You can not go wrong with serving Dr Pepper. It tastes amazing!


I was never really into football, then my son went to an SEC school. Now I like it a lot.


We love football in our home! It’s a Sunday tradition and so much fun for all of us. Yummy food and drinks like Dr Pepper!

Toni | Boulder Locavore

I love tailgating! Love these ideas! I can’t wait for more tailgating ideas! 😀


We are SO ready for football tailgating parties! Love your party ideas.

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