Comparing Cash Back Rewards Programs: Which Sites Gives You the Most?

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comparing cash back rewards programs

Do you log into a cash back rewards site before making an online purchase? It is a very easy way to get a little “cash stash” going if you are an online shopper.

If you are not using one, you are missing an easy way to save some money.

Earn a Little Extra Money From Your Purchases!

There are many cash back sites to choose from, with more popping up all the time.

If you not familiar with cash back rewards sites, you simply log into your {free} account BEFORE you make an online purchase. Your purchase is tracked and then you get a percentage of your purchase back in a cash rebate. Your purchase is made at the website of the store, the cash back site just passes you through and you do not need to write anything down or submit any paperwork to get your cash back.

How do you compare the various cash back sites? I recently read about a site called Cash Back Monitor.

At Cash Back Monitor, just type in the name of the online store before you make a purchase and they will show you today’s best cash back offers for your store.

Cashback Monitor compares and monitors reward rates on a DAILY basis. The monitored reward types include Cashback, Travel Mileage/Points (such as Airline, Hotel, Train Mileage/Points), Bank/Credit Card Points, and Other Reward Points.

Comparing Cash Back Rewards Programs

To give it a try, I typed in “Nike” and the searched returned a 9% cash back reward at Ebates, followed by 8% at Mr. Rebate and then 6% back at both BeFrugal and FatWallet .

Keep in mind that the percentage you get back can and do fluctuate from day to day. You may want to check with Cash Back Monitor before you decide which cash back site to use.

You can create a free account at a few of the cash back sites {not too many!}, plus I always recommend using a separate email site for your couponing and online sign-ups so your email inbox won’t look like mine does. Does anyone want to guess how many emails in my inbox tonight? No, don’t guess, you will judge me. It’s too embarrassing.

When comparing the various sites, also consider how long it takes to reach the payout threshold, whether or not they offer direct deposit, mail you a check or deposit into your PayPal account, and whether or not you can use a promo code along with your cash back reward.

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Here are some of the most popular cash back rewards programs:

Often you will get a new user sign up bonus and a “refer a friend” bonus which is optional.

Ebates – over 1,700 stores. $5.01 required for payout. Offers daily double cash back on a few stores each day and great promotions. Offers cash back on some purchases.

Be Frugal – they feature thousands of merchants and require a balance of $25 for payout. Offers cash back on some purchases. Often has contest and promotions. Check out their Fly or Drive Calculator and other useful tools on their home page.

FatWallet – over 1,000 stores. $10 required for payout. Offers double cash back often and seasonal promotions. Also, FatWallet offers a very active reader forum where deals are posted and discussed.

Mr. Rebate

Coupon Cactus

I have used Ebates, Be Frugal and Fat Wallet. I have accounts with each of these and have been completely satisfied. If I am making a large purchase, I will go with whoever is offering the highest cash back rebate that day. Then if all things are equal, I will go with the one where I am closest to meeting the threshold for payout.

If you are a frequent online shopper, you can amass a nice little stockpile to use for another purpose just by remembering to use a cash back reward site before you shop online. Many of my readers save up their rebates for Christmas gifts or to put away for a special purpose. If you are saving for a specific goal and are able to see your funds grow, you are more likely to keep shopping this way.

Which cash back shopping site is your favorite?



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