Cutting Back on Food Costs? Involve the Kids

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     If you are looking for more way to cut down your food budget, why not make it a family affair? Start with grocery store coupons. Find a bin or container; add a pair of scissors for each child and a stack of envelopes. Show them how to cut and organize the coupons. I have many “tried and true” strategies in prior articles called  “Getting Started Using Coupons”  and “Advanced Coupon Strategies”.

     Take a few minutes to add up how much you spent last month on food. Include all meals purchased out. Now you have a beginning number, (are you shocked? I was).  After a month of couponing add up the numbers again.

     Save a portion of your new- found money, allocate another portion toward a shared family activity or purchase and donate some of the items purchased with coupons to your local food pantry.

     Use the Sunday circulars to plan your meals based upon what is on sale. You can also get the kids involved in the meal planning. Go meatless a few times a week with a pasta meal and a grains or beans meal.

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