DIY Valentine Candles You Can Make From Drawings

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I always see so many cute decorative candles for various holidays but they are often expensive. I recently found a DIY way to customize inexpensive candles for any holiday or special occasion. You can make these from drawings or with your kid’s artwork.

This tutorial shows how to make DIY Valentine Candles but you can make special candles for so many different occasions including birthday gifts, Grandparents Day, Mother’s Day, wedding gift and more.  The possibilities are endless!

You can make these easy DIY Valentine Candles from drawings or from your kid's artwork. Follow the instructions to put designs on your plain candles.

DIY Valentine Candles


  • plain white copy paper
  • white tissue paper
  • wax paper
  • inexpensive white candles (I bought mine at the dollar store)
  • markers
  • heat gun

DIY Valentine Candles


Begin by laying a sheet of tissue paper (no larger than your candle) over a piece of plain white copy paper.  The copy paper is very important.  It reduces how much the markers will bleed on the tissue paper and prevents the marker from bleeding through onto your work surface.

Trace or draw a design onto the tissue paper.  Use as many colors as you’d like but keep in mind that you’ll want to cut out your design with very little access plain paper around it.  I drew X’s and O’s for Valentine’s Day as well as the word LOVE.

DIY Valentine Candles

When you’ve finished drawing your design, cut the letters or design out, cutting away as much of the plain paper as possible.  With the X’s and O’x, I cut each letter out separately.

DIY Valentine Candles

Lay your design over your candle.  Place a piece of wax paper larger than your candle over the design.  Pull it tight around the candle, holding the design in place.

DIY Valentine Candles

Next, wave the heat gun back and forth over the design.  You’ll want to avoid leaving the heat gun in one area for very long as it will melt the candle.  I watched for the wax to begin to look shiny and then moved to a different area, continuing until the entire design has been heated.

Carefully pull the wax paper away to reveal your design that has now become part of the candle!

DIY Valentine Candles

These candles are so fun to make and an inexpensive easy craft.  My daughter is going to do this for a craft with her friends at an upcoming sleepover!  They can customize in their favorite colors, with BFF, names and make a special keepsake we can enjoy every year.

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