Entertaining Must-Have’s for the Holidays

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With the holidays coming up, there will be lots of company at our house and lots of dinners to go to. Having the right equipment makes it so much easier. Good quality lasts a lifetime, and making it affordable is even better.

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Nesco roasterNesco 18 Qt Electric Roaster

An electric roaster is a lifesaver for big holidays and limited cooking space. If you are like our family, we have sweet potatoes and a casserole in the oven, and never enough oven space at holidays. My grandmother used to keep an old stove down in the basement so she would have an extra oven to use at holidays. An electric roaster is a cost effective, more convenient choice because it cooks a turkey to perfection, perfectly browned and moist!

The Nesco 18 QT Black Roaster Oven from Sears is $59.99 and measures 25 in. diameter x17 in. ide x 9 in high, so it’s large enough to hold a big turkey, ham or roast. The heat range is from 200F to 450F and it cooks from the sides, giving you a really moist turkey.

Graniteware roasterOld School Graniteware Covered Roaster

On a budget & cooking your first holiday meal? Unfortunately a turkey won’t fit in regular cookware. You will need a roast pan to fit that turkey! If you are just starting out and can’t afford an electric roaster, I recommend Graniteware roasting pans. They are durable and affordable, made of carbon steel which cooks more evenly, plus the enameled interior is easy to clean. My family has been using Graniteware roasters for over 80 years & we still use my grandmother’s original pan that she bought when she got married in the 1930’s.

The Graniteware Covered Rectangle Roaster from Sears is on sale for $24.99 (reg $34.99). What I like about this Graniteware roaster is that it is the perfect size to hold up to a 25 lb poultry or roast. It has a lid which seals in the steam and creates a moist roast. Just leave the lid off for the last bit of cooking to develop browning on the top.

Maverick Roast AlertMaverick Roast Alert Oven Roasting Thermometer

Figuring out when a large roast is done can be tricky. You want even browning on the outside and a juicy moist interior when you cut into it. There is nothing worse than bringing the turkey to a table crowded with hungry guests, and cutting into it only to find out that it’s not done. It’s happened to me! Make sure to check the interior temperature of your poultry or roast before you pull it out of the oven.

The Maverick Roast Alert Oven Roasting Thermometer available online only at Sears.com is on sale $18.13 (reg $32.99). Never over or undercook dinner again with this sensitive oven thermometer. It comes with presets for all types of meat, a 20-hour count-down/up timer, a 100cm heat resistant wire probe, a pre-done alarm setting, and an overcooked alarm setting. It gives you updates with instant readings every 5 seconds. The slim line case can be wall mounted or stand. One AAA battery is included.

Top Chef Carving Set (1)

Carving Set

Cutting the turkey is always the center of attention at holiday meals. Make it easier and more elegant with a carving set. You don’t have to break the budget for a great carving set, just make sure the knife is sharp for easy carving.

The two piece Top Chef Carving Set from Sears is on clearance for $27.31 (reg $ 47.99) at Sears and features ice-tempered stainless steel.


Oster buffet server

Buffet Server

It can be tricky to time everything just right so that all the dishes are ready at the same time the turkey is ready to serve. With a buffet server you can keep your gravy and vegetables warm, plus it is great to put on a sideboard as a serving station when you have a large crowd, or if you are hosting an open house where people come at staggered times. A buffet server lets you prepare foods ahead of time and keep the foods hot while you attend to other kitchen chores.

The Oster Triple Warmer Buffet Server from Sears is $39.99 (reg $46.99). What I like about this one is that the 10”x17” warming tray can be used separately. It comes with a variable heat control, and both the pans and the lids are dishwasher safe.


Essential home tableclothBeautiful, Affordable Table Linens

A beautiful table starts with a beautiful tablecloth. Essential Home tablecloths from Kmart wash up great, are easy care and affordable enough for everyday use, yet beautiful and elegant for holiday table settings.

The Essential Home Autumn Leaves Oblong Damask Tablecloth in plum from Kmart is $16.99-$19.99. Kmart has a variety of tablecloths in holiday designs to suit every taste and budget.

Essential Home PotholdersDon’t Forget the Potholders

Make sure you have potholders heavy enough to protect your hands when removing heavy dishes from the oven. The Essential Home Potholder Set from Kmart includes two quilted pot holders and an oven mitt for $3.99.

marie callenders pieMarie Callender’s Pumpkin Pie

It just wouldn’t be the holidays without pumpkin pie. Marie Callender’s makes one of the best pumpkin pies around. Make sure to swing by your local Kmart to pick up one for your next holiday gathering. Pop it in the oven and you’re ready to go. They use the same original recipe that Marie started with 60 years ago, with real pumpkin and the crust is made from scratch. My mouth is watering just thinking about it served with a dollop of whipped cream on top! If you don’t have a Marie Callender’s restaurant close to you, this is the next best thing. Marie Callendar’s pumpkin pie is available in the freezer section at Kmart.

Essential Home Kitchen towel

Pretty Kitchen Towels

When dinner is over and family and friends volunteer to help do the dishes, make sure your kitchen towels are as pretty and fresh as your table setting.

The Essential Home Terry Cloth Kitchen Towels from Kmart are $1.99. They are 100% cotton terry cloth and are available in solid tan, red, green and blue, with a tonal checkered pattern. They’re affordable, they wash up well and they are absorbent.

ezf-famFoil Pans for Leftovers

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for something to take my casserole in to Aunt Sally’s for holiday dinner. It’s so much easier to bake it and take it in a disposable pan that doesn’t have to be returned. It makes it easy to share leftovers with family and friends without having to worry if you will get your good dishes back. I found out years ago that a disposable foil cake pan or a brownie pan with a lid made the perfect size to take for a party. If you are feeding a huge crowd, try a disposable foil lasagna pan instead. I keep a few on hand in the cupboard. The Hefty EZ Foil Cake Pan with Lid comes two to a pack from Kmart for $2.99.

What are your entertaining must-have’s for the holidays?

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