Father’s Day DIY Wreath Out Of Old Ties

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Do you have old ties that are no longer being worn? See how we put together this fun Father's Day DIY wreath out of old ties.



You can make this upcycled wreath out of Dad’s old neckties. Ask permission first, but these days, men are not wearing neckties as much as they used to and this could be a sentimental and fun gift that is no-sew and takes just a few minutes to put together. If Dad doesn’t want to part with his neckties, you can easily find some at your favorite thrift store. I found these at my favorite Goodwill of Orange County store.
Wreath (I used a 12″)
Ties (I used 12 ties)
Hot Glue Gun
DIY Necktie Wreath Supplies
Step 1:
Bring the tie through the middle of the wreath and place where you’d like the triangle part of the tie to sit on your wreath.
Step 1 DIY Necktie Wreath
Step 2:
Lay that end on the table, and bring your other end over the wreath and cut the tie where it lands in the middle of the wreath.
Step 3: DIY Necktie Wreath
Step 3:
Apply hot glue on the tie and then press against the wreath.
Note: You may notice some gaps on the sides, just apply more hot glue and press down firmly.
Step 4: DIY Necktie Wreath
Step 4:
Apply hot glue to the remaining side of the tie and lay on top of the already glued piece.
Note: Do not glue the triangle part of the tie as you want it to hang off the wreath.

Step 5: DIY Necktie Wreath

Step 5:
Continue to do this to all the ties around the wreath, overlapping the ties to completely cover the wreath.
Step 6: DIY Necktie Wreath Finished
Step 6:
Use one of the cut up ties to make a bow and attach to your wreath with hot glue.
Note: Cut a triangular shape to the end of the tie.

Many of you know that we are thrift store junkies around here. We love to recycle, repurpose and reuse the treasures that we find at Goodwill. If you are like-minded, we invite you to visit our popular Pinterest board, Goodwill Finds Repurposed where we share great ideas from clever and thrifty DIY decorators. We would love to connect with you on Pinterest!

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