Find Me a Deal On..

What are you looking to save money on today? If you need to make a purchase, chances are, I have a promo code for you or know where to get you one.

Just send me an email at [email protected] and I will do some research for you and get back to you asap. I love finding deals for my readers. I get several hundred emails a day from retail stores, deal sites, coupon sites, rebates etc. and if you need to buy something or are searching for a lower price, I can help you to find it at the lowest price.

Give me the details of what you are searching for and this “deal-detective” will get to work on your behalf!

In the last few weeks I have located discounted college textbooks, an SLR camera, Rosetta Stone DVD’s, a hotel room, kid’s clothing, a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt and many more items for my readers. All the deals I find do not make it to the website each day, but I know where to find them!