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This website will show you the cheapest pharmacy prices for your prescriptions. Simply type in the name of your medication, the dosage, and your zip code. You will get an instant list of local pharmacies with the prices that they charge for your specific medications, their location and  phone number.

The free site is called MedTipster and it is so helpful. After you find the cheapest price, ask your pharmacy to price match it before you transfer your prescription. Prices for medications can vary by 400%! Just by saving $10 a month on one prescription can really add up over time

Give it a try and see how easy it is to use. I typed in the name of several medications that my family uses and got results comparing the prices at the Target Pharmacy, Walmart Pharmacy, CVS,  RiteAid, and several independent local pharmacies.

Thank you to my “good tipper” Josephine for sharing this site with me.

Medtipster – finds the lowest cost for prescription medication.


Heather Hazen

I find this site deceptive. IMHO. I am on Synthroid and Cytomel bc I had Thyroid Cancer…. The “savings” came from generics. I spend $50 a month bc I *finally* found a dosage that works for my body. I am not willing to switch to a generic and start all over. The generics have a different compounding way of entering the body… I forget the medical term. I could switch to the generic any day of the week at any drug store or grocery store and save 60-80%… still not a good choice for me. I am glad this was not an affiliate link for you. Anyone who has a lifelong medication to take, probably wont take this site seriously. Again, just My Opinion. <3


No where in this blog post was switching to a generic prescription even mentioned. That is a personal choice and not one that I am recommending. This site compares the prices that pharmacies in your area charge for the same prescription. I checked 3 that my Mom takes and the savings were surprising from pharmacy to pharmacy. For many people this represents a significant savings month after month.

Heather Hazen

When I went to the site that is all I could get it to come up with for what I take.

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