Four Things You Might Not Know About Milk.

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The kids are back-to-school and the busyness is in full swing.  My daughter is running cross country and she and my oldest son are both playing soccer.  The school days are long enough but many days there are sports practices, games, homework, and practicing their musical instruments added on after school.  Even if your kids are in sports or don’t have as many after school commitments, they still need good nutrition to keep them fueled through the day.

Over the next several weeks we’re going to be sharing great information from the Milk Life Back-to-School campaign. We are helping to educate moms and others who care for kids about the powerful nutritional benefits of milk.  We know how important it is to keep kids fueled through the busy days and as a mom of 5 I know I’m always looking for tips that can help me do just that.  With 9 essential nutrients, including high-quality protein, in each 8 ounce glass milk is the fuel kids need to power through those long days.  To kick off our series about milk, we wanted to share Four Things You Might Not Know about Milk.

Four Things You Might Not Know about Milk - More with Less Today - Fuel the Busy Back-to-School Days with Real Milk and Essential Nutrients

Four Things You Might Not Know about Milk

Essential Nutrients

Many foods are missing the essential nutrients found in milk.  It’s difficult for children to get enough calcium, Vitamin D, and potassium without a healthy diet that includes several servings a day.  Supplements, vegetables, and milk-like beverages are not as good as milk in providing these essential bone-building nutrients.  In one 8 ounce glass of milk you’re also providing your child with protein, B Vitamins, and Vitamin A.  Dietary guidelines recommend children ages 4-8 should consume two and half servings of milk each day and three servings for children over 8.  The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that growing adolescents may need as much as four servings a day.


Protein is so important for all of us and kids need to have protein at every meal, especially breakfast.  Protein at breakfast helps kids feel full and satisfied and helps maximize how their bodies use the protein throughout the day.  One 8 ounce glass of milk has 8 grams of high-quality protein.  Milk is also a really affordable option for protein.  At about 25 cents per glass, milk offers more protein than other sources for considerably less money.

Simple Ingredients

Real Milk simply contains milk, Vitamin D, and Vitamin A where plant based milk products  do not provide these nutrients naturally.  Plant based milk products have so much added to offer a drink with nutritional benefits and sometimes those added ingredients are things we’ve never even heard of.  With many food allergies and a toddler with Celiac Disease, I read labels on everything we put in or on our bodies and I know many other parents do the same.  I love that when I read the label on real milk it’s short and simple!

You’ll notice sugar isn’t on the list of ingredients in real milk.  How great is that?!?  The lactose in real milk is naturally occurring sugars and when your kids drink real milk they are getting a beverage without added sugar.  Sugar is added to so many foods and drinks and I’m not a fan of my children having lots of sugar in their diets.

Trust and Reassurance

Did you know that from the farm to the dairy plant to the grocery store real milk is one of the safest foods that you can buy?  Milk is minimally processed and often locally delivered with the pasteurization process simple.   Whether it’s regular or organic, flavored or white, all varieties of real milk are safe, wholesome, and naturally nutrient rich.

Four Things You Might Not Know about Milk

Most days I pack cold lunch for my kids for school but some days they have hot lunch.  Either way I know that they may not always eat or drink everything that is packed for them or served to them.  I make sure that they start their day at home with a glass of milk with breakfast.  I like knowing that even if they don’t have milk with lunch they are getting the high-quality protein and other nutrients found in real milk before they start their busy day.  I also suggest a glass of milk after school each day when they are doing homework or having a snack before they dive into practice or a soccer game.  It’s a good time to refuel them before they tackle the rest of their day.

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Did any of these facts about milk surprise you?  Which of the four tips about milk surprised you most?







And I thought I missed something. Lol. This is a great information. I love milk!

Julie Bestry

I grew up drinking 2% milk at every meal and at snack time. Even in college, I drank milk at least a couple of times a day. I’m a skim milk lady now, and carefully watch my carb intake, but milk is still where I get my protein and essential vitamins. I don’t think I was surprised by any of the nutritional information, mainly because I have a lifelong experience of reading nutritional information and because I have diabetes, so I’m very careful about what foods I select. But the lightbulb moment (for this picky-eater vegetarian) was how inexpensive per portion the protein milk provides actually is. That’s even better news! Thanks for providing these important facts. Moo!


Interesting. I guess it’s true that milk does the body good.

Ellen Christian (@ellenblogs)

None of these facts really surprised me. I tend to be really aware about what we eat and drink.


With three kids who are milk monsters, we go through about 3 gallons a week! I am glad to read that there are such simple ingredients. I’ve heard rumors of putting sugar in milk and glad to read that is not true! That rumor needs to go away!

Melissa Pezza

We give milk to the kids at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s great for their little bodies.


My daughter drinks a ton of milk. Great source of protein and calcium for growing bones!


I had no idea about a lot of these facts about milk. We drink so much of it in our house. It’s great there are vitamins in it.

Melissa Pezza

I give my kids milk three times a day. It’s so important to their little bodies. They love it, too.

valmg @ From Val's Kitchen

We’ve always gone through a pretty decent amount of milk in our house. My boys and I drink it and I cook with it often.

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