Free Skin Cancer Screenings

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Growing up, we never wore sunscreen and baked in the sun with baby oil and iodine. It was like putting oil in a frying pan and turning the heat on high. How uninformed we were!

We were not educated about the dangers of sun exposure without sunscreen. Many are now paying the price with skin cancer showing up at alarming rates, but early detection is the key. I found a website that lists free skin cancer screenings by location.

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Get a free Skin Cancer Screening Program from Neutogena and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. Find your location here.

From their website “Choose Skin Health from Neutrogena has partnered with the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery to encourage the public to choose healthy sun safe behaviors. One American dies of melanoma almost every hour.  With early detection, melanoma has an almost 100 percent five year survival rate.  We invite you to choose skin health by having you skin examined for skin cancer by a dermatologist, encouraging others to get screened for skin cancer, using sunscreen regularly and practicing skin self exams monthly.

Recent research has shown that the incidence of skin cancer is rising at epidemic levels.   When detected early, skin cancer has an almost 100 percent 5 year survival rate.  The ASDS and Neutrogena are pleased to announce our partnership in providing free skin cancer screenings through our member volunteers.

Use the free website to find information about the following important topics:

You can get good information on skin care prevention from

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