Getting Started Using Coupons

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Many people give up on coupons because they get bogged down in the clipping process. Here is an easier way to get started. Spend the next week making a master list of all the cleaning products, cosmetic products, and toiletry items that your family uses. Put a check mark next to any items that need to be replenished in the next month. Make the list in your word program on your computer so you can update it and print it out.

Begin clipping coupons only for these non-perishable items.  Plan to devote one day a month to purchase these items and continue to update your list as needed.  You will save time and money.

Once you have this mastered, you can focus on your food costs and begin to add food coupons to the mix.

Don’t let perfection stop you from making a dent. Send me your favorite coupon sites to share.

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