Healthy Eating Habits for Your Dog

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Most adults know how important healthy eating habits are for ourselves and our kids – don’t skip breakfast, drink lots of water, stick to the same daily menu, eat whole foods before processed, close the kitchen after dinner and so on.  What about healthy eating habits for our dogs?  Is there a right way or wrong way to feed your furry friend?  Yes, there are several things you should consider when feeding your dog.  Do you encourage Healthy Eating Habits for Your Dog?  I’m encouraging them for our princess and serving her CESAR® Home Delights™ as part of a sponsored series with Socialstars. #CesarHomeDelights

Healthy Eating Habits for Your Dog - More With Less Today - What Are Your Dogs Eating Habits - Help Your Dog Be as Healthy as Possible with Good Eating Habits

Healthy Eating Habits for Your Dog

Keep Your Dog Out of the Kitchen:

Keep your dog out of the kitchen and dining room while you’re preparing meals and eating.  This will limit your dog begging for your food.  We’ve talked about how the food our dogs want, our food, isn’t always good for her.  Having your dog in the same room with you while your prepping food or while the family is eating dinner (especially with toddlers who tend to spill and drop food) will tempt your dog to beg for what she can see and gives her an opportunity to grab scraps of food that fall on the floor.

Healthy Eating Habits for Your Dog

You can also reduce your dogs desire to have your food by feeding her recipes your family loves that are made just for her like CESAR® Home Delights™.  Home delights™ looks and smells like human food but is formulated for dogs so it is easy on her digestive system and there’s no chance of her having ingredients that aren’t safe for her.   CESAR® Home Delights™ even looks and smells like human food.  You can learn more about CESAR® and follow them on Facebook and Twitter

Healthy Eating Habits for Your Dog

Follow Recommended Feeding Guidelines:

There are recommendations for how much your dog should be eating and what based on her size, breed, and age as well as any special health concerns.  Your veterinarian can discuss these recommendations with you.  Most dog foods have feeding guidelines on the packaging based on at least the size of your dog.  Make sure you’re carefully reading and following what is suggested.  If the package instructs 2 cups a day make sure you’re spreading that out over several meals for the day and not feeding her all of it at once.

Introduce New Foods Gradually:

If you’re feeding your dog a new brand or type of food, introduce it gradually over a period of several days.  Changing foods suddenly can cause digestive problems and other issues for your dog.  Start by adding a small amount of the new food to your dogs current food.  Each time you feed your dog increase the new food and decrease the current food until you are feeding her only the new food.

Healthy Eating Habits for Your Dog

Other Tips:

If you have more than one dog, feed them separately.  Don’t leave your food or your pets food laying around – feed your dog appropriate portions during her meal time rather than a large bowl that she can graze from throughout the day.  Make sure your dog has plenty of water available throughout the day.  If you’re leaving your furry family member with a dog sitter be sure to leave specific feeding instructions so that her routine isn’t thrown off.  Plan ahead so you never run out of food for your dog, especially around holidays where the store may be closed leaving you unable to get more.

Healthy Eating Habits for Your Dog

How healthy are your dog’s eating habits?

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Betsy Segars

My dogs eat healthier than I do! They’re on a grain free diet and it costs a fortune!

Jenna Wood

We have to limit our dog’s water availability and highly regulate it to ensure she gets enough each day- because she has a problem with over drinking- she has given herself water poisoning twice, despite a clean bill of physical health. She just loves water! It IS so important to know what your dog is and isn’t consuming!


We keep our dog out of the kitchen too! As soon as he was big enough to reach the counter tops we knew it was time to do something!


I am so lucky that my pug has healthy eating habits and is at a healthy weight. My vet is always impressed on her annual visit! These are great tips!

Ty @ Mama of 3 Munchkins

What a super cute dog! I don’t have a dog but I appreciate the tips and will pass them along to those who do.


These are great tips for a healthy dogs. I always used to catch myself slipping the dog table scraps when I was younger.


I think you have a super cute pooch. I gave my dog this food once to try and she literally licked it up in seconds!

Tiffany Cruz

It pains me to see overweight pets and the owners think it’s cute or something. Your dog is adorable and looks very healthy. Great tips.


I love your tips about keeping the dogs out of the kitchen while cooking. I can totally see how that would help to decrease a dogs begging.

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