How Are You Spending Your Tax Refund?

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How Are You Spending Your Tax Refund?

Getting a tax refund? Sometimes the urge to spend it is a strong pull, especially when we have been living frugally for the last year. I have a few ideas if you need some retail therapy that won’t break the budget and can help you to save some money in the long run.

1. Start a grocery stockpile. No, not like the “extreme couponers” with 2,000 jars of mustard. I recommend stocking up with 3 months of non-perishable items. Take some time to figure out how much toothpaste, deodorant, canned goods, etc. you will need. Save your Sunday circulars and print out the coupons I have on the home page of More With Less Today. Learn the sales cycles at your local store, most items go on sale every 3 months. When you see a good sale on an item you use, buy 3 months worth.

2. Buy your gifts ahead of time. Figure out the birthdays, weddings, graduations and holidays that you buy gifts for and start to accumulate them ahead of time. Use More with Less Today to find some great deals. This is my specialty. Join my email list and you will get notices of free and practically free deals that will make great gifts. Try to cut down on the amount of money you spend on gifts by shopping sooner and smarter.

3. Buy your greeting cards ahead of time too. I recommend the Dollar Store or Big Lots, or buy a box or two of assorted cards. Buy them all at once. Last month, I was in a hurry and bought two birthday cards at the grocery store and realized that I paid $10 for two cards. Isn’t that ridiculous?  I know! I vowed not to do this again. My sisters have the same birthday each year, I need to plan ahead.

4. Spend money on car maintenance if you need to. We have 3 old cars, but no car payments. We try to keep up on the maintenance so we can make them last as long as possible.

5. Take a fresh look at your wardrobe. If there are items you are not wearing because you don’t have the right blouse, shoes, or undergarments, focus on buying those to complete an outfit.

6. Spend some money to change your old light bulbs to eco-friendly bulbs. Find other ways to cut down on your utility bills through insulation, replacing old appliances, windows, etc.

7. Start an edible garden and start to grow some vegetables, herbs, and fruit.

What other ideas do you have to share? I welcome your emails and comments.


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