How to Send Coupons to Military Families

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Happy Memorial Day to all of my wonderful readers. I am so grateful for each and every one of you. I am also grateful to our troops who are protecting our freedom from those who wish to destroy our way of life. I am thankful for our veterans, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us. I am a veteran, married to a veteran and the daughter of a World War II Veteran.

I will always find ways to support and encourage our military families. One small way to do this is to send our coupons, even expired coupons to our troops so that their families can stretch their dollars and save money on their groceries too.

I have found two sites that will walk you through how to send your expired coupons to our military families. Our military families will use them at their base commissary (grocery store) or PX/BX (department store). They will accept manufacturers coupons that have expired. Of course, you can send current coupons too.  I remember that the commissary doesn’t have hundreds of choices like our local supermarket does, so I would stick with nationally known, popular brands.

This would be a wonderful family project or group project for your scout troop or church group to participate in. Make sure the coupons are cut out neatly so you are not paying postage on extra weight. The coupons can be two months past their expiration date.

Here is the site for all the details:

Another option from one of my readers….

CouponsToTroops is another option for sending your coupons directly overseas. Instead of adopting a base and sending to a generic address on base, CTT recommends mailing coupons directly to a family who is stationed overseas. By mailing direct, you KNOW the coupons you send are getting to someone who will either use them or share them with others. And they’ll even help put you in touch with a military family. You can find them on Facebook at or send them an email at [email protected] for more information.

Join me in supporting our military and their families and if you see a veteran today, take a moment and thank them for their service!


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