Interview with a Savings Expert- That’s Me!

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I am thrilled to be the first blogger to be featured for CouponPal’s new series. You can read it here: Interview with a Savings Expert.

Here are some of the questions I was asked.

Lori, what inspired you to start sharing your knowledge at and what keeps you motivated to keep writing?

You’ve often credited your mother and grandmother as a big influence in instilling frugal habits in you. What lessons did they teach you that you passed down to your children?

On your website, you say that you fell short of their ideals for some time. How did you turn it around and turn yourself into a mega-savings expert?

Do you have any advice for parents trying to teach their children about saving money?

Walk us through a typical purchase. Say you want to buy a new pair of shoes, how do you find a great deal?

What is one strategy to find a great deal online that coupon code users may not know already?

Do you ever purchase something simply because it’s a great deal?

Any last words of advice for families trying to stretch their dollars and living on a budget?

Read my answers here  Interview with a Savings Expert and I welcome your comments and your tips too! Thank you CouponPal – ( a smart source for promo codes for all you savvy shoppers).


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