More Family Cost Cutting Strategies

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Yesterday, I wrote about involving  the kids in grocery store couponing and organizing. Another idea is to sit down with  last month’s utility bills and explain to everyone that when you conserve, the savings is reflected here in these bills. It sounds elementary, but showing them the bills, helps the “lights to come on”. Show them your average daily usage and the kilowatt hours.

Set some energy saving goals for this month and then share the savings with the kids. I recommend saving a portion and allocating another portion toward a shared family activity or purchase.

Once school is out, have the kids round up their unneeded books, toys, video games, DVD’s and clothes. You can search my site under” resale/swapping/thrift stores “to find sites to help you make some money, meet a need and clean house. You can even “rent out” items that you do not want to sell such as an RV or baby items, or swapbooks, video games and DVD’s for new ones.

There are sites for selling cell phones, camcorders, handcrafted itemsclothing and toys, baby items, jewelery and more.

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